Thermal R&D Tradeshow Booth and Collateral

After Sparkhouse and Devise Interactive completed a successful new website for Thermal R&D we continued our marketing efforts with a completely fresh design for their trade show booths, backdrops, podiums and more. The trade show collateral is heavily based off the new design and brand created for the website. Using familiar imagery and style we created a cohesive and consistent experience between the physical and digital world. Sparkhouse is looking forward to furthering Thermal R&Ds branding and marketing in Q1 2015 with more content and the creation of video marketing.  

Forge 54 Donates Over $300,000 in Marketing Services to Local Non-Profit

Forge 54, a non profit powered by Sparkhouse, concluded their 2nd annual skilled giving event, where marketing and media enthusiasts donated time, talents, and creative services to Playworks SoCal, a chapter of a national organization. The Forge 54 volunteers joined together at DGWB Advertising & Communications to work for 54 hours straight in order to create marketing deliverables, which included a mobile app, microsite, PR and social media plans, video content, and more. The deliverables can be viewed on Playworks Forge 54 Recap. During the high-energy, 54-hour event, 81 volunteers were divided into teams according to their skill sets, and…

Forge 54

A collaborative, weekend-long marketing experience where advertisers, designers, developers, creatives, professionals and students converge to donate their time and talents to create, inspire, and help great causes. During each high-energy, 54-hour event, our expert creative teams adopt a non-profit organization and work together to totally revamp their marketing and branding efforts.

Thermal R&D Photography and Website Case Study

Sparkhouse recently partnered with Thermal Research & Development, a maker of high performance exhaust systems, to redesign and invigorate their online presence. The initial strategy focused on updating the company’s forward facing image using captivating product and location photography. The product photography leveraged their beautiful hand-crafted chrome exhaust systems, including mufflers and stainless tips, to tell a visual story. For the location shots, our photographer (Danny Tayenaka) captured the true personality of Thermal Research & Devlopment by focusing on the workers who create the pieces, their skill and artistry, and the detail they put into every product. Designing a website…

Sparkhouse Receives 2014 Best of Newport Beach Award

Newport Beach Award Program Honors the Achievement NEWPORT BEACH August 21, 2014 — Sparkhouse has been selected for the 2014 Best of Newport Beach Award in the Advertising Agencies category by the Newport Beach Award Program. Each year, the Newport Beach Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Newport Beach area a great place to live, work and play. Various sources of…

How to create an animated explainer video

Why Animated Explainer Videos? Animated explainer videos are powerful, popular tools for marketing almost any business, product, or service. There are a variety of advantages, including the ability to create a piece of video content without any actors, locations, cameras, or other costly elements — which allows you the option of releasing a video about a business, product, or service that doesn’t even exist yet! You can still be in the prototype, manufacturing, or concepting stages of an offering and present an animated explainer video to get your audience excited about it’s debut, targeting potential customers, investors, or even partners…

Sparkhouse Shoots National USAA Insurance Commercials

A passion for football and military appreciation served as the dual theme for Sparkhouse’s latest marketing campaign. Working together with Detroit-based agency Lowe Cambell Ewald, the Sparkhouse team spent the first two weeks of July in Texas shooting a USAA/NFL commercial that they produced, wrote and directed. The campaign consists of several 15-second and 30-second national TV spots, four long-form internet videos, and a handful of playful digital shorts. The ads were not short on star power, featuring Redskins starting quarterback Robert Griffin III, Bears cornerback Charles Tillman, Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera, and former Cowboys Quarterback Roger Staubach. The…

Sparkhouse Produces Animated Campaign for OCAR

The Orange County Association of REALTORS® (OCAR) approached Sparkhouse looking for a strategy to effectively communicate the features of FHA and VA loans to condominium complex owners around Orange County. OCAR’s primary aim was to combat a large amount of misinformation and misunderstanding regarding these loans in the community, and Sparkhouse stepped up to the challenge of educating OCAR’s target market in a creative way. In response, the Sparkhouse team created a comprehensive animated campaign to explain all of the applicable law changes, rule changes and cost breakdowns involved with FHA and VA loans in a simplified, easily digestible format….

Sparkhouse Creates an Animated Infographic for Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine came to us to create an easy to understand video animation about their College Entrepreneur Contest.  They had trouble explaining the prestige of the awards as well as who was eligible for the award, so they hired us to create a fun and informative animation video! This video was featured on’s contest page and used to both explain the concept and the requirements to enter. You can see the microsite here:  

Fotobit Kickstarter Campaign

Fotobit is a module photo framing system design for the highest flexibility and expandability. Easily move around and change pictures in a snap to keep your photo wall updated anytime and all the time. Directed by: Torrey Tayenaka Edited by: David Helman

Sparkhouse Hand Reel

Sparkhouse is a leader in video marketing, innovative storytelling, beautiful cinematography, and stylized post-production, but most importantly… hands. Gorgeous, talented, hands. Some agencies can offer hands on service, but at Sparkhouse we offer hands IN service. Remember, Sparkhouse works hard for you… we are all hands in.


Age: 31 Education: University of North Florida Home Town: Jacksonville, FL Hobbies: I enjoy creating films even when I’m not on the job. From little commemorative montages for friends to promo videos for bands, musicians, or artists, it’s all fun to me. I have a deep appreciation for music. As well as attending various shows ranging from punk, rockabilly, inde, hip hop, electro, funk, to soul. I also wrote songs and performed with electro/funk band, Cosmodelion, though not as much any more. Favorite movie: Old Boy – Chan-wook Park Favorite director: Takashi Miike Why are you passionate about your job…


Age: 25 Education: Jr College all the way Home Town: Laguna Niguel, CA Hobbies: Watching Football. Dreaming Football. Too lazy to play football though. Favorite movie: Forrest Gump and The Room. Favorite director: David M. Helman. He is so dreamy. Why are you passionate about your job at Sparkhouse? Gaining experience and getting paid so I can live. Oh and free lunch on Fridays.


Education: Seattle Film Institute Home Town: Port Orchard, WA Hobbies: Watching films, playing music, traveling Favorite Movie: Hard to pick one, but I’d probably have to say Se7en Favorite Director: Terence Malick Why are you so passionate about working with Sparkhouse? It’s exciting to have the opportunity to work with so many young and talented people and to be able to really explore the possibilities of what advertising can be.


Age: 20 Education: Fullerton College Home Town: Buena Park, CA Hobbies: Ice Hockey, being with friends, concerts. Favorite movie: Forrest Gump Favorite director: Wes Anderson Why are you passionate about your job at Sparkhouse? It’s a great environment to be in and it’s really an amazing team of creative people. Working at Sparkhouse has been an opportunity to learn every day and expand my knowledge of video production, graphic design, and to be a part of something I can really be proud of.


Torrey Tayenaka, the co-founder and CEO at Sparkhouse, is known for transforming video marketing and advertising into real conversations. Torrey is one of the founding partners to launch the full-service Orange County, California-based video marketing agency. “We didn’t just want to be the guys with the cameras, we come up with the great ideas, we come up with the concepts” Torrey says. A graduate of the prestigious University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, Torrey believes in social, branded interactive content. Rather than hitting the consumer over the head with blatant ads, Torrey’s team creates interesting, entertaining and useful…


Education: Chapman University Home Town: Mission Viejo, CA Hobbies & Sports: Roller Hockey, NBA/NFL Fan and cinephile Favorite movie: Chinatown Favorite director: David Fincher Why are you passionate about your job at Sparkhouse? This job allows me to focus and sharpen my editing skills every day.


Age: 21 Education: Chapman University Home Town: Mission Viejo, CA Hobbies & Activities: Snowboarding, Bodyboarding, Charity work, Pole-Vaulting Favorite movie: The Social Network Favorite director: David Fincher Why are you passionate about your job at Sparkhouse? As an editor I want to create something different and visually beautiful accompanied by great sound design. My favorite piece I edited was “undefeated” because I was able to captured who I am as an editor through the edit.


Education: Chapman University Home Town: Mission Viejo, CA Hobbies & Sports: Roller Hockey, NBA/NFL Fan and cinephile Favorite movie: Chinatown Favorite director: David Fincher Why are you passionate about your job at Sparkhouse? This job allows me to focus and sharpen my editing skills every day.

Sparkhouse Produces DYLN’s Indiegogo Video

DYLN Inspired teamed up with Sparkhouse to create a video marketing campaign for their Indiegogo crowd funding campaign. The goal was to create a video unlike any other crowd funding video.  The opening consisted with an extremely stylized and visually exciting yoga sequence followed by a documentary style interview of all the founders.  The video focuses on the hard work and dedication that the DYLN Inspired team put into the project as well as the amazing technology and quality of their products.  The video included an explanation as to why DYLN Inspired required funding and what those funds would go…

Sparkhouse Rebrands OC Food Bank With Forge 54

The marketing created for the OC Food Bank was part of the first ever Forge 54 marketing weekend.  During this weekend of creativity, the team spent 54 hours creating an entirely new brand including a new logo, slogan, and collateral as well as a full website redesign, donation/giving platform, mobile app, two commercials, an animated infographic, rebuild and relaunched social media presence as well as a brand new PR campaign.  This was a huge collaborative effort that included 47 marketing professionals and over six different agencies and creative houses.   About OC Food Bank The OC Food Bank works with…

CoreLogic Hires Sparkhouse

Sparkhouse has teamed up with CoreLogic to create internal video content.  Currently Sparkhouse is creating content for company morale, new employee welcome videos as well as potential employee recruitment.  The videos are planned to live on a few different landing web pages as well as to be sent internally for certain corporate events.   About CoreLogic Information. It is at the core of every smart decision. It drives strategy, solutions, revenue and ultimately success. It is only logical that you would want it to come from a superior source. CoreLogic® is the company financial services and real estate professionals turn…

ioGear Hires Sparkhouse For Product Features

Sparkhouse is hired by ioGear to create a product video for the new Wireless 5×2 HD Matrix.  The video demonstrates the amazing features of the new 5×2 HD and the easy accessibility it provides for ioGear customers.  The online video marketing was directed by Alex Meader.  Meader tells the story of a family who is not constrained by the limitations of a normal TV system, but one that can enjoy their media freely from any room in the house. Video directed by Alex Meader, produced by Brandon Cammell, and edited by David Helman and Paul Marin.   About ioGear IoGear,…

Sparkhouse Wins 2013 Best Young Company to Work For!

turnstone Announces 2013 ‘Best Young Companies to Work for’ 15 Small Businesses Recognized for Creating an Outstanding Culture   Grand Rapids, MI, October 1, 2013 —After receiving more than one hundred nominations from across the country, turnstone, a Steelcase brand, in partnership with Wharton management professor and human resource expert Peter Cappelli, today announced the inaugural 2013 Best Young Companies to Work for. The list recognizes innovative and forward-thinking young companies that demonstrate excellence in a number of areas, including positive work culture, forward-thinking leadership, talent retention, business innovation, community outreach and an intentionally designed workspace. To be considered, nominated…

Sparkhouse Films 4 GMC Features in East Coast

Sparkhouse teamed up with GMCard to create a series of online video marketing commercials for GMC, GM Card and Capitol One. In collaboration with MRM and Section 8, the four part series focuses on real customers who have had great and authentic experiences with the GM Card as well as with the process of receiving GM Card earnings. The commercials were shot in four states including Johnstown, New York, Norfolk, Virginia, Lanesboro, Minnesota and Annapolis, Illinois with a small crew consisting of Director Torrey Tayenaka, Producer Sophronia Caicedo, DP Justin Garcia and audio by Alex Tirheimer. The Sparkhouse team was…

Sparkhouse Launches Kite Campaign on Indiegogo

Sparkhouse is proud of the extreme success of the recent marketing campaign put together for the Kite Patch mosquito repellent technology. Sparkhouse’s team including Torrey Tayenaka, Sophronia Caicedo, Brandon Cammell, Ro Oeurn, and Brian Quach created many aspects of the Kite Patch’s marketing including naming, branding, product design, video marketing and indiegogo crowd funding. Sparkhouse teamed up with Ephex online to create a complete website and online presence including contact forms, distributor applications and FAQs. Within just four days of posting the marketing campaign on crowdfunding site indiegogo the Kite Patch had been completely funded ($75,000). By the end of…

Jacuzzi Hires Sparkhouse to Create Real Customer Features

Sparkhouse gets hired by Jacuzzi Hot Tubs to create real customer features for both the Jacuzzi Brand as well as the Sundance Spas brand. Using real life satisfied customers, the videos focus on various experiences with the spas including selection, installation, and maintenance as well as features about the experiences of enjoying the tubs with family, friends and loved ones. By using real life customers, Sparkhouse is able to tell an authentic and engaging story that viewers connect with and truly believe and understand. The video features are currently living on the Jacuzzi and Sundance websites, YouTube channels, Facebook pages…

Sparkhouse Announces First Forge 54 Event

Sparkhouse is excited to announce the first ever Forge 54 marketing weekend. Forge 54 is a collaborative, weekend-long marketing experience where advertisers, designers, developers, creatives, professionals and students converge to donate their time and talents to create, inspire, and help great causes. During each high-energy, 54-hour event, our expert creative teams adopt a non-profit organization and work together to totally revamp their marketing and branding efforts. The first ever Forge 54 marketing weekend will be hosted at Sparkhouse headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA on October 11th-13th, 2013. The first non-profit to benefit from Forge 54’s services is the OC Food…

Liquipel Partners With Sparkhouse

Liquipel has partnered with Sparkhouse to create all of their video marketing content. Sparkhouse has created video content that includes viral slow motion liquid scenes, commercials shot on splash resistant iphones, interviews featuring the founders, and general company commercials. These videos have been used as marketing materials on, Liquipel’s YouTube and various social media channels, as well as on large screens at trade shows and even in private meetings with other companies, partners and investors. About Liquipel Liquipel is a specialized process that applies a liquid repellent substance to electronic devices. We place the device into our proprietary machine…

Procellera Hires Sparkhouse To Tell Their Story

Procellera hired Sparkhouse to create a product video for their revolutionary wound care product. The goal was to tell the stories of elite athletes that count on Procellera everyday to perform at the highest level. Budget was an issue when it came to featuring four very different athletes in one product video, however with some creative producing, Sparkhouse was able to create an engaging, informative and powerful product video, under the required budget and above everyone’s expectations. The Procellera product video was Directed by Brandon Cammell, DP Graham Robbins, and Edited by Jonathan Wallace. About Procellera Procellera® is a unique…

Entrepreneur Magazine: Chelsea Market

The holiday season is critical for small retailers. But how do you compete for customers’ attention when you don’t have the funds for a massive marketing campaign. . . or the ability to offer deep discounts? Entrepreneur’s Colleen DeBaise heads to New York’s Chelsea Market for a look at how independent merchants are winning business this year.

Entrepreneur Magazine: Barbara Corcoran

arbara Corcoran‘s bright-eyed smiles and quick wit come across as vibrant as the pinks and yellows she favors in her wardrobe and home décor. But there is no mistaking this multi-millionaire entrepreneur’s no-nonsense approach to business. Corcoran is widely recognized as one of the ‘shark’ investors from the popular ABC reality showShark Tank, but she also has long been known as a real estate mogul in New York City. Her jackpot success came with the sale of her real estate company, The Corcoran Group, for $66 million in 2001. For this interview with ‘Trep Talk, I sat down with Corcoran…

Entrepreneur Magazine: Veev

Courtney and Carter Reum are running VeeV Acai Spirit, a liquor business that has taken the unusual step of becoming carbon-neutral. The company uses a wind-powered distillery and donates a portion of profits to sustainable farming projects in Brazil. In this week’s Smart Entrepreneur, they offer tips on creating a green and sustainable brand. Read more about the Reums’ eco-friendly efforts in this article, The Giving Spirit.

Entrepreneur Magazine: Tony Hawk

Skateboard icon Tony Hawk talks with Entrepreneur’s Teri Evans about the challenges of building his skateboarding company, starting in the early 1990s, through his early mistakes, and the ebbs and flows of skateboarding’s popularity. His most humbling moment in business, he says, came in his 5-year-old son’s school report on what dad did for a living: “I’ve never seen my dad do work.” Hawk also shares advice for people starting new companies today: “Hire people you implicitly trust.” “Know your strengths and your weaknesses.” “Hire people who you trust with those strengths that can balance out your weaknesses.”

Entrepreneur Magazine: SpiritHoods

In this season of Young Visionaries, we talk to entrepreneurs tackling social, cultural and environmental goals by harnessing entrepreneurial principles and out-of-the-box thinking to create positive change. Inspired by festival culture and endangered species, three years ago four friends (Alexander Mendeluk, Chase Hamilton, Ashley Haber and Marley Marotta) founded the Los Angeles-based faux-fur accessories maker SpiritHoods. The premise for the company, they say, has always been to pay homage to animals, but they take that idea a step further. For each purchase from its PRO BLUE line, the animal-hood maker donates 10 percent of net profits to nonprofits that work to…

Entrepreneur Magazine: Krochet Kids International

In this season of Young Visionaries, we talk to entrepreneurs tackling social, cultural, and environmental goals by harnessing entrepreneurial principles and out-of-the-box thinking to create positive change. Stewart Ramsey and Kohl Crecelius are the co-founders of Krochet Kids International, a Costa Mesa, Calif.-based social venture that teaches crocheting to women in the developing world — and then helps them sell their wares in the U.S. On a trip to Uganda, a KKI founder spoke to women in the country about their plight. He learned that these women didn’t need more aid or handouts. They needed a hand up. So Krochet…

iFlash Video Featured on iPhoneography

    Sparkhouse’s PhotoFast iFlash online commercial is featured on the popular iPhoneography blog!   You can check out the post here:   Video is a great way to have your product featured on websites and blogs and we are glad to see it working as planned!

Data Gear Hires Sparkhouse for Online Campaign

DataGear hired Sparkhouse to create a series of videos explaining all of DataGears complex offerings and services.  Using the case study of Mission Produce Sparkhouse is able to show off each category of DataGears offerings including surveillance  managment terminals, and wireless internet. DataGear is able to use these videos for sales reps to send out in emails as well as to build their sites Video SEO and web presence. These are perfect tools for online video marketing as well as social media pushes. Data Gear – Company Overview Data Gear IP Surveillance for Mission Produce Motorla Wireless Case Study with Mission…

Sparkhouse Teams Up With Ink Agency

Sparkhouse teams up with Ink, an Irvine based digital agency to create a video marketing campaign for Hoag Hospital.  The films feature individuals who received excellent care from various departments within Hoag; including the Maternity, Cardiovascular and Neuro departments.  The imagery captured by Sparkhouse of the hospital’s facilities and technology allowed us to tell the story of satisfied Hoag patients.  All three spots were directed by Alex Meader in combination with Ink’s creative director TJ Bennett, DP Graham Robbins, and edited by David Helman. About Ink Ink is a full-service, fully integrated creative advertising and marketing agency on the rise….


Age: 22 Education: Cal State Fullerton Home Town: Brea, CA Hobbies: Electronic Music and Dj-ing Favorite movie: Ocean’s 11 Favorite director: Quentin Terantino Why are you passionate about your job at Sparkhouse? Sparkhouse lets me do what I love to do, make music. Work feels like play especially when I’m surrounded by an enthusiastic team of talented individuals.

Sparkhouse Creates First Commercial Shot with New iPhone 5

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (Nov. 1, 2012) Sparkhouse Strategic Brand Films, a video production and marketing studio fusing artistic expertise in filmmaking with the digital world, teamed up with Liquipel™ and Fly Jet Sports to create the first commercial shot completely on Apple’s new iPhone 5. Filmed in the waters off Newport Beach, the Sparkhouse team used iPhone 5s protected by Liquipel’s Level 3 coating. One iPhone 5 was attached to Fly Jet Sports’s FlyBoard while two cameramen in the water filmed beneath it. Others filmed from shore and on a jet ski. The Flyboard is a water sports apparatus providing…

Sparkhouse Gets In The Race For Automotive Excellence With Nitto Tire’s Motivo Marketing Campaign

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (Oct. 23, 2012) Sparkhouse, a video production and marketing studio fusing artistic expertise in filmmaking with the digital world, recently teamed up with Nitto Tire to produce a series of marketing spots and promos for the tire company’s new line of tires. The Newport Beach, California-based studio produced a sixty-second television commercial, fifteen and thirty second YouTube pre rolls, two fifteen second animated YouTube pre rolls and a set of Nitto Tire testimonial videos. These Nitto Commercials went live on TV, YouTube, Blogs, Websites and more. Director: David Joseph Falossi II “Nitto is a high quality performance…

Mobile Deluxe Hire Sparkhouse To Direct Video Marketing

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (Oct. 23, 2012) Sparkhouse, a video production and marketing studio fusing artistic expertise in filmmaking with the digital world, announced today that they are now Mobile Deluxe’s video marketing agency. The maker of premium casual mobile games has hired Sparkhouse to create videos for the company’s mobile apps and games. “There are over a billion mobile apps out there now, you can’t just make a good app and get downloads anymore, you have to really stand out and get noticed,” said Torrey Tayenaka, founder/CEO of Sparkhouse. “Video is the perfect medium for featuring the apps key offerings,…

Sparkhouse Produces International Video Marketing

Did you know that Sparkhouse also produces videos for international clients? Sparkhouse teamed up with Lukas-David to create product videos for Simard Cuisine et Salle de bains, an upscale French-Canadian kitchen cabinet company. By teaming up with a French agency, Sparkhouse was able to produce a series of How-To videos for Simard that captured their high-end features and raised sales 15% without increasing their media buy or marketing budget.   Sparkhouse’s web series videos featured closed captioning options for viewers all around the world. Check out one of our most popular web series videos for XFX.