Animated Vs. Live-Action Videos for Social Media Marketing 

Social media is a fertile ground where advertisers continue to reap big time. With the right video marketing strategy, this platform delivers leads right to your doorstep, and the conversion rates are quite incredible. Animations and live videos are among the most used and most effective social media strategies. While there is always a question of which of the two is the best, both can work miracles if used appropriately in the right contexts. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Animation Vs. Live Video

Animations and live videos are arguably the best social media strategies but settling on either for your marketing campaigns can be quite a headache. Both deliver results if used in the right contexts and in the right way. When deciding on which of the two you will use, consider the following factors:

• The Message

Conceptual or overly abstract messages are best conveyed via video animation. If you are advertising a service or a product that is a little challenging to understand, using animations and illustrations could come in handy to simplify the message. In tech and health industries, for instance, this could be the ideal marketing strategy. On the other hand, live-action videos could be most suitable for outright messages like in the hospitality business. 

• The Human Feel

If your marketing campaign needs to establish some personal connection with your audience, live-action videos work the best. Actual human beings are more likely to appeal to your audience at a personal level more than animated characters. 

• Flexibility

If you are bound to change or update your ad even after posting it on any social media platform, animation is the most ideal option. Updating a live-action video is quite a hassle, and while you could manage to make changes, it can be quite problematic—talk of reassembling your entire cast for another shooting and, of course, re-editing the project again.  

• Time 

This is of essence in the creative and the marketing industry. More often than not, if you are a marketing firm, the client will always be on your heels. If you are working within a short schedule, animation can be delivered faster than a live-action video. A live-action takes time to assemble a cast, interview them, shoot the video and edit it. 

• Budget

Marketing campaigns operate within the constraints of a set budget, and it is always necessary to lower it as much as possible, you want to spend as little as possible. Although you will have to seek the services of a professional video production cost entity for animation, it is not as expensive as live-action video. The cost of hiring actors, makeup artists, shooting location, and equipment, among other variables, could be over the rooftop. 

Pros and Cons of Animation Vs. Live-Action Video

Both animation and live-action videos come with flip sides of the coin; you will like and dislike some of their aspects. Here are some of their upsides and downsides:



  • They are the best for abstract and complicated topics such as health and technological advancements; animation videos are the perfect way to express intangible ideas and explain complex and complicated subjects.
  • It is limitless; you are not limited in your creativity; you can get as wild as you please.
  • Very cost-effective and relatively faster to produce compared to other modes of social media marketing
  • Flexible; you can make changes whenever the need arises.


  • It does not have a personal human touch.

Live-Action Video


  • It gives your marketing campaign a human touch; this makes it more personal and likely to appeal to your audience.
  • Shows a real-life feel and look of your products and services


  • Requires more time and resources to execute
  • It is difficult to update


While animation and live-action video are both incredible marketing strategies, it is imperative to know when to use either. Knowing their best contexts is critical to the success of your marketing strategy. Contact us to learn more or visit our social media video production page to learn how we can help you with any of your social media videos.

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