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The Project
In a landmark video project of 2018, Sparkhouse helped England-based, globally famous kitchenware brand Cole & Mason put some serious punch in their social media game and gain a healthy dose of new email subscribers in the process. Cole & Mason enlisted the help of the Sparkhouse video pros to conceptualize and produce a product demo video for their new spice line that would get everybody excited about its impending debut. From the beginning, the client wanted to make sure everything about the campaign was fresh, unique and interactive. Above all, the viewer needed to feel that Cole & Mason was a different kind of kitchenware company and a top-tier brand that stands for quality and innovation.

The "Explosion of Flavor" Concept
With flavors like Sriracha Spice, Maple Ginger and Chipotle Mango Cole & Mason's new spice line was out-of-the-box—so their video concept needed to be innovative, too. The visual story and script would center around the dynamic nature of the products, utilizing very bold graphics and brilliant color contrast. The winning concept showed the actual spices exploding like fireworks, and highlighted the high-quality ingredients in each.

The Sparkhouse crew found a way to help the client exceed subscriber goals with a powerful video that integrated vibrant product shots and engaging content. As an added promotional tool, an Explosion of Flavor sweepstakes featuring a $1000 grand prize giveaway was created around the new spice line to help engage customers and get people excited about not just the products, but the brand itself. A microsite was also created to drive viewers to find out more about the individual spice blends, encourage sales and capture email addresses.

Social Media and More
In collaboration with the client, the Sparkhouse team came up with a marketing strategy that would go beyond just making a video to ultimately help Cole & Mason effectively market their new spice line messaging. We started with one medium—the video—and spiraled the creative concepts far and wide throughout Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels to recruit as many sweepstakes entrants as possible. We also leveraged additional promotions to build brand trust and credibility. A clever referral program rewarded people who brought their friends on board with free items, resulting in nearly 7,000 sweepstakes referrals! Finally, we gave people even more value-added content by sharing a series of delicious recipes showcasing each new spice blend.

Cole & Mason's spice blend campaign was a knockout, garnering tremendous reach in the form of email subscribers, website visits and Facebook shares. The company also enjoyed some nice side effects of the promotional content, inspiring several blogs in the influencer community and many more referrals.

Here's a recap of how we did it and the big results that followed:

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