Corporate Video Production

Do you find it especially tricky to translate what it is that makes your company, business, product or service so special in an entertaining and concise way? Video is a multi-faceted medium for featuring the best aspects of your company and describing exactly what you are all about to your potential customers, clients or partners. In particular, a corporate video can serve as your comprehensive introduction, great for emailing to prospects and professionals you want to collaborate with. Corporate video production is where we come in.

Feature your corporate video on the home page of your website, since the average user spends 88% more time on websites that have video… and we all know that the longer a customer stays on your website, the higher your conversion rate will be.

You can also use an online product video to upload on YouTube, currently the world’s second largest search engine and a must-have for companies who are serious competitors in their market.

The seasoned production team at Sparkhouse has been creating corporate videos for over a decade. After managing Entrepreneur.com’s original content for a number of years and traveling the U.S. shooting features of some of the coolest and most innovative companies paving new ground, our team understands what elements go into designing videos that get responses. Every business is unique, and every Sparkhouse corporate video is focused on capturing that unrivaled essence that elicits action. Hire our production team to tell your company’s story and feature your culture in a way that creates bonds and fosters loyalty with your ideal audience.

Contact our Orange County corporate video production team today for a free personalized company profile video quote.

Corporate Clients

Corporate Video Production Process

The first step in any video production at Sparkhouse is to set the goal of the video. This can be many different things including; explain a company, show the benefits of a product, share a testimonial, get someone to click, teach someone something, make an announcement, etc. Here we also will discuss where the video is going to live; website, facebook ad, in-store display, tradeshow, etc.

Full service starts with pre-production. We do everything for your production from concepts, scripts, and mood boards to actor casting, location scouting and permits. Our producers always have your budget in mind and have the experience to create a production that fits your budget and accomplishes your goals.

In-House Services

  • Concept Creation
  • Script Writing
  • Budgets
  • Moodboards/ Storyboards
  • Casting + Releases
  • Sourcing Locations + Permits
  • Props and Wardrobe
  • Scheduling
  • Travel Booking and Coordination

One of the unique things about Sparkhouse is that we own all our own equipment. Most agencies have to rent cameras every time you film, and those costs are put on you. We own our own HD Red Epic Dragon camera (6k and the same camera that movies are shot on) full truck of lighting, grip and production equipment. We love what we do, so we invested into these cool toys and you benefit!

Owned Production Equipment

  • 6k Red Epic Dragon Cameras
  • 3 Ton Lighting Package
  • Nissan NV 2500 Production Van
  • Camera Dolly
  • Professional Audio Equipment
  • General Production Supplies
  • 4k Drones
  • 360 Camera Rigs

Videos spend a lot of time in post-production, and again we are full service when it comes to your editing and post needs. Sparkhouse has editing, graphics, visual effects, 3D animations, color correction, audio mastering and even our own custom music scoring. We work very collaboratively with our clients reviewing cuts and drafts via Frame.io, an online portal that can be viewed and commented on from PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

In-House Services

  • Editing (Adobe & Apple)
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Graphics and Titles
  • Visual Effects
  • 3D Animations
  • Explainer Animations
  • Color Correction
  • Audio Mastering
  • Custom Music Score
  • VR Stitching and Editing
  • Interactive Presentations

Corporate Video Production Samples

Corporate Video Production Samples

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