Creating a How-To Video for Your Product or Service

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A how-to video is your opportunity to show a new or potential client how you do what you do, or how your product does what it does. There are a lot of benefits to giving people access to videos like these:

  • Eases Uncertainty: No one wants to feel like the only person in the world who doesn’t “get it” when trying to figure out how to use your product or what steps they have to go through to hire you as a coach. Eliminate that risk with a how-to video that anyone can watch in the comfort and safety of their home. 80 percent of consumers think demo videos are helpful.
  • Encourages Proper Use: If someone uses your product incorrectly, it’s probably not going to be as effective. This might not seem like a big deal, but it can quickly spiral into a not-so-great review or social media bashing from someone who’s not happy with the results.
  • Frames You as a Solution-Provider: No matter what you’re selling, you want to position yourself as the go-to company for The Answers. You want to be answering questions before people even think to ask them, both about your products and your industry as a whole.
  • Increases Sales: 90 percent of users say a video helps them make a decision. Is that decision to buy your product? It could be, if you can show people how easy it is to use it.

After you make your videos, you’ve got a lot of options to reach people with them:

Okay, you get it, right? You need some how-to videos if using your product is any more complicated than making toast. (And we might make for video for that, too, just in case. It’s a good excuse to use our fancy camera. Just imagine that super-slow-motion shot of the toast popping up…)

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating your how-to video:

  • Keep it Short: Five percent of viewers have a short enough attention span to stop watching a video after one minute. But that’s okay, because you’ve still got 95 percent of them, and they’re invested, because they want to learn how to use your product. However, 60 percent will stop watching after two minutes. It might not be possible to complete a thorough how-to in that length of time, but if it is, let’s do it. Short tutorials like those found on YouTube Shorts could be a great option for keeping viewers engaged.
  • Keep it Silent: 85 percent of Facebook video is viewed without the sound, so let’s make sure your message is clear even if the audio is off. Captions can help with this, but good visual storytelling is first and foremost.
  • Get Professional Help: Sure, you could embrace that do-it-yourself spirit and shoot your very own video, but do you have the proper lighting? Do you have the space, or are you at a dining room table? Can your audience hear you? Is your head cut off in the shot? Do you have sweet editing skills or are you going to nail this in one take?

Bottom line: Can you make it look professional?

This is how you’re presenting yourself to your clients, so you need it to look sharp. Lucky for you, you’re in the right place! This is what we do best, and we’ve got all the equipment you need to make it happen today. Literally today, if you’re in a bind, because all we’ve got to do is pack the van and show up on location. Or you could come to our location: we’ve got our own studio, which is ideal for creating product demonstrations and how-to videos.

Our camera shoots detail your smartphone doesn’t even dream of, if smartphones could dream. Which they might before long; they’re getting pretty good. Even so, they won’t be able to create for you what we can. Check out some of our previous work and our happy clients, give us a call, and tell us about your project.

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