Creative Social Media Video Ideas For Your Business

Creative Social Media Video Ideas For Your Business

Using video in your social media strategy is a golden ticket for engagement, followers, and brand awareness. But knowing what type of video can be overwhelming at times, especially if you don’t know where to start. Here we’ll discuss popular social media video ideas to help you begin!

Explainer Videos

YouTube might receive most of the attention for explainer videos, but you don’t have to create long-form to make an impact with your customers. How-to or guide videos can be split into a series for social media, walking your followers through a new product or service. The same can be done for tutorials, but depending on the social media platform, these videos can be several minutes long. 

Product Announcements 

As more consumers turn to social media to learn about new products and services, video is a perfect way to capture their attention. Gone are the days of a droll press release making the announcement. People want to see the product or service in action, even if it’s in a controlled environment. 

Product announcements are the time to let creativity flow (within reason). Use colors that pop and engaging graphics in the video to grab attention. Whatever you decide to do, remember this video is the first impression people have of the new product.

Take To The Trends

Trends are a catalog of social media video ideas to help add a human side to any brand or company. Consumers see through sales videos and now want to know the people who bring their favorite products or service to life. 

Think about what makes a video trend — more often than not, it’s one that makes you chuckle or laugh because it’s entertaining. These videos are engaging because they’re witty or poke fun at a snafu. Trending social media videos build a social connection between your company and your followers, and anyone who finds your video served up in their social media feed.

Teaser Videos

Whether they want to admit it or not, everyone has even a tiny bit of FOMO (fear of missing out). Tap into this subconscious feeling with teaser videos for blogs, interviews, podcasts, or any other type of content. 

If your company goes to trade shows, teaser videos are perfect for building awareness of what your booth has to offer. At these shows, many companies have product demos — shoot video from the first demo and use the footage to tease upcoming sessions on your social media channels. 

A Behind The Scenes Look

The nice thing about behind-the-scenes videos is they work whether it’s off the cuff from a staffer’s smartphone or a planned social media video production. And the topic options? Unlimited!

Pick one of your most popular products and show how it goes from materials to the sales floor. Follow an employee who isn’t customer-facing for the day, explaining their job and how it impacts the company and your customers. Because many consumers want to know the core values of a company they do business with, share your company’s core values in a video and why they represent the company. 

People love learning more about how your company works because they feel as if they know you on an almost personal level. This is key to building trust and lasting connections with your customer base.

Host A Q&A Session In Stories

Whether your company has been around for generations or recently held its grand opening, people will have questions. Instagram Stories is a great medium for Q&A sessions as you can receive questions from followers in one story and answer them in subsequent stories. These videos are great for conveying information about your business and industry to people who are interested in a career. 

If possible, hold a Q&A session in real-time, such as going live on Facebook or Instagram. Not only are you interacting with followers and customers, but the session can also be teased beforehand to drive a larger audience.

Use Customer Testimonials & Reviews To Establish Credibility

People want to hear from satisfied customers about how your products or services improved their life. Give them word-of-mouth reviews and testimonials to help clarify questions and provide information to help them in the buyer’s journey. 

Testimonials and reviews can be quick to pull together Instagram video ideas. They offer the chance to dispel any misconceptions or myths about your industry or business type while building authority as a thought leader. 

Plus, these videos are social proof and credibility you can repurpose and reuse across other marketing channels. 

How Will You Use These Social Media Video Ideas In Your Business?

The sky’s the limit for social media video ideas to promote and showcase your business and employees. Now that you know how a handful of videos can have a direct and immediate impact on your customers, it’s time to start planning! But if social media production isn’t in your schedule, contact us today!

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