Direct Response Commercials

A direct response television commercial (DRTV) supported by a dynamic media buy can produce immediate and trackable results that can have a very positive effect on your sales numbers. Short-form (1-2 minutes) or long-form (2+ minutes) direct response ads are a very reliable way to communicate a distinct message or promotion to your target market and measure the reach through analytics after the air dates.
With such a short window of time to get your message across, your content has got to be so strategic that it raises curiosity, clearly communicates the most important points of your campaign, and turns curiosity into action in a matter of seconds.

Direct response commercials are often known for being cheesy and tedious — but not at Sparkhouse! We combine our hard-selling advertising and marketing experience with our passion for cinematography and storytelling to create engaging content that sells your product, service or business efficiently through the traditional and popular medium of television. We take the time to learn all the features and benefits of your business and research your ideal customer and their interests. Armed with the right selling points and customer needs and wants, our production team is able to design the most effective direct response pieces possible. We’ll hash out the concept and put together a finished product that reflects the image and personality of your brand — and produces measurable results. Don’t forget your online component, since as many as 85% of DRTV responses for high-ticket items tend to happen online.

Contact the Orange County video production crew at Sparkhouse today to start the conversation on your next direct response commercial.

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