Types Of Social Media Videos

Social media videos are uploaded en masse every day. From influencer content, B2B brand videos, and B2C brand testimonials to live streams and everything in between — it’s the most consumed medium of entertainment. 

Online videos had a nearly 93% audience reach across all internet users in 2022.[1] One of the most popular online content formats in recent years, the video includes everything from product reviews to educational information.

Why Video?

Time spent on social media time is primarily watching videos, which are becoming more and more popular. The increase in popularity of short, bite-sized videos is greatly influenced by TikTok. 

Due to this, additional well-known platforms have started to produce short-form videos, such as reels on Instagram and youtube shorts. Short videos are so common because they are so easily consumed. They are excellent at making information interesting, entertaining, and very addicting.

But just how much video is consumed daily?

It’s simple to begin accumulating those video views throughout the day, thanks to content being shared on YouTube and various social media sites. The average daily video consumption across the globe is 84 minutes, according to research.[2]

Here is a helpful list of the different types of social media videos to use in your next campaign.

Musically-Driven Video

Music evokes emotion and builds connections. On social media, using trending music to drive the narrative of your social media video is iconic. 

It shows your audience you’re up-to-speed on culturally relevant topics and provides a base for how your company values different sounds. 

Question & Answer Sessions

Question and answer sessions are an interactive type of social media video. You can post stories with videos asking your audience to give feedback or ask questions they have. Follow it up with a poll or open-response widget loaded into the story. 

Giving your audience the space to get answers to their lingering questions and discuss topics further opens the door for them to connect with your brand. 

Comedic Video Content

 A great method to differentiate your brand’s content from the competition in video marketing is to use humor. Your video will come across as more human and engaging if you sprinkle it with humor, self-deprecation, or sarcasm.

Comedy is a force that brings people together. It’s memorable and influences your audience to share your content when they enjoy it. It’s engaging while entertaining. Using humor in your videos also positions your brand as relatable. 

Your marketing efforts can profit from incorporating comedy in your social media videos, regardless of whether your organization takes itself seriously or is more of a social or trendy brand.

Reveal Tips and Tricks

Use video content to reveal little-known tips and tricks for using your products or services or other unknowns about your brand. Teach your consumers how to avoid common mistakes and show them the correct way to use your offerings. 

Tutorial Videos

Tutorials are all-the-rage. From how to cook this to how to apply this type of makeup, change your oil, etc. — there’s so much here to work with. Depending on your industry, pull from what you know your audience might have trouble with. 

Tutorials can be in the form of a how-to explainer video, whiteboard videos, over-the-shoulder look, talking directly to the camera, or using screen recording. Just make sure when you create your tutorial it’s easy to follow, and you explain as you go along. 

Virtual Challenges

Challenges can be seen everywhere. From Tik Tok dances to ice bucket challenges and other on-trend virtual challenges, this is a way to view how your audience engages with your brand. You can host an online challenge with hashtags and capture user-generated content to save for later. Whatever you can dream up — it’s sure to generate some buzz.

Live-Stream Videos

Livestreaming isn’t just for musicians, influencers, and people driving at night (weird, right?). By simply clicking a button, you may go live using Livestream, allowing you to interact with your audience right then and there.

Brands and businesses can show what’s going on at their event, showcase product launches, give sneak peeks at what’s to come, and answer any questions in real time. 

Because they enable customers to engage with your company instantaneously, live videos are a method to establish a more personal connection with your audience. As a result, there is seamless loyalty and trust between the brand and the customer.

Product Reviews and Highlights

Product reviews can be shared using organic user-generated content. If your product or brand is tagged in a post, ask your follower if you can use their content in your video. You can follow up with their testimonial with tips and how-tos to solidify why someone should trust your brand. 

Trend-Driven Videos

On social media, trends come and go, but businesses that adopt them fast (and successfully) are remembered. Trending content is a type of social media video that emulates cultural relevance and status.

There is a sweet spot in time when it comes to posting anything hot. You must act swiftly in order to submit reels, stories, or TikToks with popular songs or video formats while they are still brand-new and fresh. If you wait too long, the videos become monotonous. The greatest way to truly understand what is going on in social media is to be active and visible there — and then jump on trends quickly!

Trends draw audiences and grow the visibility of your account thanks to the all-mighty algorithm. 


Behind-the-scenes videos incorporate what your company does during the day-to-day to keep things operating. It’s a sneak peek and lets your audience know what you value behind the curtain. 

Popular BTS videos highlight a “day in the life” type of content where you talk about what your typical day looks like. “Meet the team” videos highlight the brains behind the operation and humanize your staff.

“Here’s What We’ve Been Up To” Videos

Showcasing what you’ve been up to is a great pivot when there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes. Discuss new hires, company outings or trips, company events, client visits, or people in action.

The point here is to cultivate an air of “we’ve been busy, and here’s what we’ve been up to in order to improve your experience.” Be authentic, and your audience will appreciate it.

Teasers and Announcements

Gaining someone’s confidence and love can be accomplished by telling them about a secret or an announcement that is significant to you. People can’t stop watching announcement-type videos once they start because they are so interested in learning secrets or getting a sneak peek at what’s next.

Do you have any exciting events, product drops, or launches happening soon? Talk about it! Teaser and announcement videos keep your audience in the need-to-know and ready for what’s to come next with your brand. Keep them engaging and exciting — your audience will jump in on the hype. 

Use All Of These Types of Social Media Videos In Your Content Strategy

It’s easy to schedule social media videos when you have ideas like these at your fingertips! Perfecting your social media video approach can make a huge difference. Use a mix of these ideas throughout your social media video production strategy and watch your engagement increase!

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