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YouTube is the world’s largest digital video warehouse, and the internet’s second-largest search engine behind only their parent company, Google. 

Billions (yes, billions. BILLIONS.) of users log onto YouTube to watch millions of hours of video content every month. 

Over the past few years, YouTube has seen some unprecedented competition in the video world. Generation Z, Millennials, and now a growing number of older generations have become nothing short of obsessed with TikTok

Not to be outdone, YouTube has recently unleashed their answer to the short form video giant:

YouTube Shorts.

So, What Are YouTube Shorts?

Currently in the beta testing stage in India, YouTube Shorts maximizes the immense power and popularity of short-form videos made popular by TikTok, Instagram Reels, and those before them (remember Vine? Such simpler times).

Creators use their smartphones or tablets to shoot, trim, and post engaging video clips up to 60 seconds.

Tools and features of YouTube Shorts include:

  • Multi-segment camera to edit together multiple video clips.
  • Large and expanding music library. 
  • Controls to alter the speed of the video.
  • Hands-free recording with timer and countdown features.

How Do You Upload YouTube Shorts?


Create Shorts on the YouTube App

You can create your YouTube short using YouTube’s video creation tools or upload a video you’ve created elsewhere, as long as it stays within the 60 second limit.

To create you YouTube Shorts using the mobile app:

  1. Open the YouTube Mobile App. Open the app and press the create button. Select “Create Short.” From here, you will be able to capture videos up to 15 seconds in duration. You can record multiple clips until you reach the 60-second limit. Each clip will go on a ‘shelf’ where the clips can then be combined.

Here, you can use the “timer” feature to record hands-free and automatically start and stop recording.

  1. Select music. Choose from a variety of songs to add to your video.
  2. Change the speed: Speed up or slow down the individual clips within your video to match the music or to add a creative effect.

Right now, only users in India can access the YouTube Shorts creator platform, but there is still a workaround for anyone around the world to add their videos to the shorts streams.

How to Upload YouTube Shorts from a Computer

Creators can participate by uploading vertical videos to YouTube with the hashtag #Shorts within the description. The videos must be shot vertically and stay within the 60 second limit. 

These videos are uploaded in the same manner you’d upload regular video content.

Benefits of Branded YouTube Shorts

Current market trends show short-form marketing videos to be highly effective.

Benefits of using YouTube Shorts for branded marketing videos include:

Maximized Short Attention Spans

The internet and high-speed mobile connections have changed consumers’ attention spans forever. 

To garner attention in the crowded digital marketplace, videos need to be short, engaging, and impactful — in a short amount of time.

Improved Brand-Recall

Viewers remember shorter marketing and branding videos at a higher rate than longer-form content, regardless of the quality of the production and the message. 

Time Saved

Most short form videos do not require hours of research, pre-production preparation, and post-production editing. The only thing you need is a mobile phone with a solid high-speed connection, and a minute or less to shoot the video. 

YouTube Shorts are ideal for quick announcements or entertaining bits that will help get some attention and keep your brand in consumers’ minds. 

Because the videos are so short, the upload and posting times are also quick and easy.

Can YouTube Shorts Be Monetized?

At this time, three is no way to directly monetize videos posted on YouTube Shorts and no plans to do so in the future. 

But — there is value in YouTube Shorts in the form of increased viewership and subscriptions that can lead to website traffic and more sales.

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