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Facebook Video Ads

Facebook video ads are fast becoming a popular medium of advertising for many small and medium sized businesses. Videos on this platform are much different from a typical website video or YouTube. The context of these videos are completely different, which in turn affects the strategy.

Many times Facebook videos are viewed silently. Users are often quickly scrolling through their feed and seeing your ad. Unlike YouTube, they are not clicking on your video, but rather the video just auto plays.

Sparkhouse specializes in creating videos that align with the marketing strategy of a particular campaign. Like any campaign, there requires planning and testing. Sparkhouse helps with all of this and can always keep budget in mind.

How to Use Facebook Video Ads to Drive Awareness & Sales

Businesses just like yours are capturing the attention of their target customers by leveraging a very powerful tool — video.

Why is video so darn influential? Because no other medium combines the sense-tingling elements of graphic images and sound to make your messages not only reach your targets effectively, but sink in and stir them to action.

Why videos knock Facebook posts out of the park

Did you know that people view videos five times longer than they view static content on Facebook and instagram? With video, you get the uncanny ability to share what an experience feels like, to feature your product live in action or to deliver a deeper message that taps viewers’ emotions.

What Facebook video ads help you accomplish

Here are four tasty side effects you’re likely to enjoy after producing and posting a video on your Facebook page:

Your brand gets noticed.

Get on people’s radar with short in-feed video ads. These tiny videos will remind people of your brand and allow you to introduce new products.

You make connections.

Bring people into your brand and story with an immersive branded video ad. Get people to stop their in-feed scrolling with an exciting piece of video content.

You boost sales.

Encourage people to interact and learn more by pairing video ads with product features and carousels. Pique interest and drive sales.

You intensify the power of TV and other ad buys.

A strong way to reach young adults in an inexpensive way, Facebook video hits 37% more Americans age 18-24 compared to TV!

How to use video on Facebook

There are a lot of ways you can put custom videos to work for your brand on Facebook. Here are a few of our favorite tips to help you get the most out of your FB vid:

Create a Facebook video just for mobile viewers:

With so many Facebook and Instagram views coming from mobile devices, you should consider creating your videos in a square or vertical video format. These layouts will actually take up more space on the screen while users are browsing their feeds, which makes for more a memorable impression!

Upload your video directly to Facebook:

By uploading your video right to the Facebook site, rather than embedding a Youtube or Vimeo link, you can improve the way that your productions are displayed. Videos will take up the entire width of Facebook, instead of just showing a thumbnail, and play automatically once in view on a user’s feed, whereas linked videos will appear smaller and require an extra click to watch. You’ll be able to see the number of native (within Facebook), so it’s easy to track.

Be sure to capture attention quickly:

Users are moving quickly on Facebook, especially on mobile devices, so it’s critical to engage them immediately. Feature your brand or product right at the beginning of the video for best impact. Include a sound file to capture the attention of viewers who happen to have their sound on. Test this theory by using short videos of less than 15 seconds.

Design for silence:

Since many users are going to view your Facebook video ads in silent, make sure to design your videos to be understandable while muted. Add large bold text to your videos, and integrate visuals that explain the message well. Add subtitles where needed.

Types of Facebook video ads

Facebook collection video ads

Tell a story and showcase your products or features all in a single facebook ad.

People expect a fast loading seamless experience when on a mobile device, and with Facebook collection ads, you get to share a video AND sell a product — all without leaving Facebook!

Facebook canvas video ads

Canvas helps you get your message across with a direct, targeted approach. Canvas ads are mobile-optimized, and they load instantly to capture the complete attention of your audience. Plus, the full-screen experience really drives engagement!

Instream video ads

Instream video ads appear in videos as “commercials,” giving you the ability to reach people who are already engaging with video content. They’re non-skippable, which is great for “top of the funnel” messages. Instream videos don’t appear until at least 60 seconds into the video, assuring that your audience is actively engaged.

Facebook 360 videos ads

Interactive and immersive, Facebook 360 has a unique approach. As the video plays, the viewer can turn the device or drag their finger to move around and explore the different angles. It’s a unique and fun feature that really makes your brand stand out from other static ads.

Facebook and Instagram stories

Since 1 in 5 stories on Facebook and Instagram prompt a direct message from viewers, you’ll see results quickly. And chances are your competitors are already be doing these, since over half of businesses have created an organic story in the last month. About one-third of story watchers are businesses, so if you’re trying to network or sell to other companies, it’s a surefire way to reach them. Finally, 60% of stories are viewed with the sound on, so there’s a good chance you’ll hit viewers with the double whammy of visual and auditory messaging!

If you’re ready to get started on a custom Facebook video ad that will highlight your product or company, boost sales and raise awareness, the Sparkhouse team is here to guide you. Contact us today for a quote.

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