Comprehensive Guide to Social Media Video Content Creation

Guide to Social Media Video Content Creation

Today’s social media platforms have outgrown their infancy and moved into a more mature phase, transitioning from being an uncharted, cutting-edge technology to an everyday cultural norm. Any business online has much to gain from social media, and those that aren’t on board risk missing out on engagement, connection, and sales.

Making the most of every opportunity is a key component of having a successful marketing campaign, and this is certainly true with social media — especially given how quickly it’s expanded. Reach your target demographic on these well-known networks because they are there spending more time there. To get the best out of social media content creation, namely video, check out our guide.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience seems like a simple, obvious point, but you’d be surprised at how many companies aren’t fully aware of their target persona – and post mismatched content on the regular. 

Understanding your audience means knowing how they speak, what they’re interested in, why they would want to buy from you, and what their pain points are. Tap into the customer journey. Every stage of your customer’s journey should increase their familiarity with your brand and leave them with a favorable opinion. 

The language you use on your social media channels must be consistent with your values and resonate with your target market. Similarly, the visuals you use in your feed should appeal to your ideal customer and match the graphics on your website.

Create Your Content Pillars

Content pillars offer an overview of what your target market needs to know. It shows your strengths and provides a unique look into your expertise. Social media content creation should favor what your audience cares about in relation to your unique offerings. Once you build out content pillars, you can leverage content clusters and dive deeper into sub-sections of each with your next videos. 

Plan Ahead For Cohesion and Consistency

When it comes to producing content for social media, planning is essential. You should have a strategy in place that details what kind of content you will produce and when.

Having a social media video strategy in advance keeps you organized so you aren’t scrambling for content last minute. 

Map out ideas with brainstorming sessions and curate a timeline for when you’ll post. Consider a long-term overarching message and think about how each video might build off the last. 

Create scripts and storyboards to make filming and editing your content easier.

Create Production Plan

If your video requires social media video production-level quality, you’re going to need a production plan. Make note all of the equipment needed for filming. This includes cameras, lighting, tripods, and props. 

Speak with your team about any talent you might need on the screen and create a budget. Try to film evergreen shorts to add to your overarching content library to pull from later. The goal is to map out every detail so that when it comes time to shoot, it’s smooth sailing. 

Prepare Supporting Elements In Advance

Don’t underestimate the power of social media content creation. It’s an intense undertaking that requires preparation in advance. This includes queuing up captions, links, images, and graphics far ahead of when it’s time to post. Doing so gives your team the chance to adjust any messaging that may not align with your brand and tighten up videos or graphics to match.

Schedule and Repurpose 

Modern tools make scheduling and posting seamless. Use scheduling software so your content is posted at the ideal time. Most scheduling platforms offer metrics that highlight the best time to post for your specific audience. Scheduling your content ensures that it’s posted on time, even when your team isn’t in the office.

Engage With The Audience

One of the worst things you can do is post content and then forget it. You want to engage with your audience’s comments and likes, as well as engage with your audience’s content, too. Doing this creates a positive brand experience and a deeper connection. 

Track Performance

Get a complete picture of how all of your social media material is performing by utilizing the platform’s built-in performance tools or those of third-party software. Tracking the performance of your social media videos is essential to understand what’s working within your strategy and what might need to be adjusted.

You gain valuable insights into what interests your audience and what falls flat. Use this data to influence your future social media videos and continue to create and enhance with intention. 

Get The Most Out Of Your Social Media Content Creation

Experiment with these tips and tricks to get the most out of your online presence. Each social media production process is an opportunity to generate awareness, engagement, connection, and conversions when leveraged appropriately. Get in touch with our expert team to bring your video vision to life!

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