How a Video Marketing Agency Can Improve Your Business

Let’s repeat an age-old cliche for a moment: the internet is changing. Shocking, right? But the ever-changing nature of the world wide web can have significant implications for the success of your business. Once-popular strategies like email marketing no longer yield the same results that they used to, and new methods for market penetration and development seem to arise every day.

Today, your audience is more dynamic than ever, and they want content that can directly appeal to them and that they can easily digest. As much as the world of marketing is defined by change, there are a few constant trends that have been emerging in recent years.

If you’re looking to stay relevant, here’s one major trend you can’t afford to ignore: video is the most popular way for your audience to consume content in 2021. 

There are plenty of reasons why this might be. In our lightning-fast world, people simply don’t have the patience to sit down and read a marketing email or scroll through a landing page. Instead, videos provide the flexibility and ease of use that perfectly meshes with the fast pace of the world today.

Perhaps it’s no mystery why 60% of businesses use videos in their marketing strategy and why 94% of marketers plan to continue using video in the foreseeable future, according to a study by Biteable.

As countless people around the world spend billions of hours every day on YouTube, your business needs to meet the rising demand and produce exciting, attention-grabbing video content. 

And that’s where video marketing agency comes in.

You don’t have to wade into the wild world of making corporate video content without anyone to help you along. Instead, a video marketing agency can be the perfect guide to help you through every step of creating an ideal video.

Let’s take a step back now and look at just a few ways that a video marketing agency can make a genuine impact on your business.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the strategy of using video to achieve measurable results for your business.

Video marketing is a lot like other kinds of marketing strategies. However, instead of relying on written content or advertisements, it uses video productions to help you and your business reach your goals. You can learn more about video marketing buy following our video marketing guide.

When you hire a video marketing agency, you’ll start working with a team of dedicated professionals who are equally versed in video production and corporate video promotion

Unlike production companies that focus solely on the process of making videos, a marketing agency will be able to help you with every step of the video-creating process – from the initial conceptualization to the final edits and promotional tactics.

In the hands of trained professionals, there are countless ways that a video marketing agency can benefit your organization. Let’s break down just a handful of the most significant benefits.

Benefits of working with a video marketing agency

Expand your exposure

Your audiences need easy ways to find your business, and video marketing is one of the best methods to achieve this. Marketing videos are easy to digest and often entertaining to watch, helping your organization grow exponentially.

Today, your audiences while the hours away on YouTube, Tiktok, Twitter, and other video platforms. Your business can’t afford to leave those demographics behind. You can reach your target audience exactly where they are by investing in a video marketing agency.

Simply put, videos represent such a vast portion of the internet now that any business hoping to succeed online has no choice but to engage in video marketing. After all, Cisco projected that in 2020, videos made up more than 80% of all web traffic. Unless you’d prefer to miss out on the vast majority of your potential digital audience, you need to capitalize on the video craze.

Partnering up with a professional video marketing agency will help you make the most of this crowded digital landscape. Not only will they be able to craft attention-grabbing videos that demand viewership, but they’ll also meticulously optimize each production to ensure that it gets the best possible results.

The best part is that videos are such a versatile medium that a marketing agency can empower you to get plenty of use out of each production. Your videos don’t have to be limited to YouTube or Vimeo; instead, your agency partner can help you get your content out across social media, professional networks, and even TV – depending on your needs and industry, of course, including platforms such as YouTube Shorts.

Video is still a growing field with no sign of stopping, so a dependable agency partner should be exactly what you need to help ride that wave into new horizons of growth.

Enhance your engagement

How often do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling social media, encountering dozens of memes and short videos but not interacting with any of them? You’re far from alone. The internet has saturated people with so much content that it takes more work than ever to foster engagement with casual users.

However, a video marketing agency can help you create videos that jolt casual viewers awake and spur them to action.

Effectively-made videos can have a monumental impact on your organization, whether you want to generate sales, discover leads, grow your web traffic, or simply get your name out there.

Time and again, professional research studies demonstrate that video is one of the most high-performing types of content you can use in your marketing strategy. After all, Tubular Insights found in 2017 that 64% of social media users make a purchase after watching a branded social video. Additionally, video posts generate up to twelve times the average shares of standalone text or video posts.

Teaming up with a video marketing agency can be just what you need to send your engagement levels skyrocketing to new heights. An experienced agency will be able to identify what you want to achieve and develop videos tailor-made to that purpose, scientifically constructed to make it irresistible for users not to click “play.”

Video can also help you experience higher conversion rates on other pieces of marketing content. Email marketing might not be the most high-performing strategy right now, but studies continue to show that marketing emails with videos in them have higher open rates and directly lead to more purchases and engagements overall. 

Accelerate your growth

You might think that videos are primarily a cosmetic addition to your company. Perhaps they can expose you to a broader audience or spur a bit more brand loyalty, but they’re mostly just aesthetics.

However, that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth.

Marketing videos can directly impact your company’s growth in terms of profits, market share, and reputation. When used with the right strategy in place, your videos can offer a significant return on investment – and 87% of marketers would agree.

Remember how audiences are far more likely to engage with videos than other forms of content? Using video, you can dramatically increase your sales, generate new leads, and grow into new market segments.

Research data continues to prove these statements correct. In fact, 80% of marketers report that using video has directly boosted their profits. With more money in your pockets plus higher exposure thanks to video marketing, your business can have a higher capacity to expand and connect with even more customers.

Video marketing gives you access to so many more avenues than other forms of content. Videos aren’t limited to Google searches or email inboxes; you can use them on landing pages, emails, social posts, TV advertisements, and so much more. With this ability to keep reaching more customers, you’ll be able to connect with your audience on so many more avenues. 

It’s always essential to meet your customers wherever they are. With a robust video marketing strategy developed by partnering with a professional agency, you’ll be well poised to connect with your target audiences.

Improve your image and build loyalty

Your business is your passion project, so don’t be afraid to let some of that passion come through to your audiences. Sure, you have to be professional and focused on your commercial growth, but you can foster deeper loyalty to your brand if you let some of your distinct personality shine through in your marketing materials.

Out of every other kind of marketing content, video is the best option for expressing who you are. It lets you get up close and personal with your viewers and gives you far more versatility than simple text. Studies show that audiences are far more likely to feel connected to an organization with a distinct personality, so it’s essential to cultivate a memorable brand image through engaging marketing videos.

Of course, you don’t want your personality to become overpowering. While your audience might enjoy watching quirky videos from your company, they might not be too excited if they think you’re going over the top. Worse yet, your viewers won’t be amused if they feel that your messaging is insincere or even tryhard. 

That’s where a video marketing services agency will come in handy. Marketers are experts at helping you develop a memorable image of yourself that perfectly encapsulates who you are and positions yourself to appeal to your audience without coming off as disingenuous. Video marketers blend their deep knowledge of the best filmmaking practices with practical marketing principles to develop engaging videos that get the results you need.

Teaming up with a video marketing agency will help you create content that deepens your relationship with your customers, establishes your place in your industry, and empowers you to reach your goals. It’s as simple as that.

Make your job easier

But maybe none of this is new information to you. Perhaps you’ve already heard about the benefits of video marketing a thousand times over. However, are you able to reap those benefits on your own? Do you have the equipment, the expertise, and the resources necessary to craft engaging videos that help you reach your long-term goals?

More likely than not, you’re already extremely busy with your regular day-to-day duties. With your average days as packed as they already are, do you have the time to learn the principles of filmmaking as well as the best marketing practices to develop actionable, results-driven marketing videos?

Working with a video marketing agency can help take this burden off your shoulders. Video marketers are trained professionals to the core who can help you with all your video-related marketing needs. Whether you want to conceptualize a long-running ad campaign, create a viral-worthy clip for social media, training video production, or simply a video explaining what your brand is all about, your video marketing agency partners will be able to help. 

The best thing about working with an agency is that it can take control of the video production process while still valuing your input every step of the way. Your marketing partners will ask you about your goals, hopes, and expectations for your project, and they’ll help produce a video that perfectly encapsulates everything you’re hoping for. You won’t have to worry about the nuances of production like editing or directing the shoot – you provide the expectations while your video team does all the work.

With an agency on your side, you’ll be equipped to focus on all the hard work you already do for your business without having to stress about video production. Partnering with a marketing team will help you save time and money when it comes to promoting your business without compromising the effort you’ve already put into your projects.

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We know that you have a wealth of options if you’re looking to get started with any video marketing agency. However, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one as qualified and committed to your lasting success as Sparkhouse.

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