How Offering Educational Resources can Improve Sales

How Offering Educational Resources can Improve Sales Between Businesses

Product development is always on the rise. Artificial intelligence is one booming example, which is growing in applications for existing products, and the centerpiece for new advancements designed to help companies thrive. Markets to Markets has highlighted numerous advantages to this trend, but steep development also has its downsides. Namely, no matter how advanced your product or software is, if your customer doesn’t know how it works or how to use it, chances are, they won’t risk investing. Therefore, it is strongly advised for companies to develop an educational resource hub designed to offer instructional videos centered around how to use a product, and how this product is more efficient than current practices.

Consumer Confidence

According to Forbes, educational and E Learning Videos are on the rise like never before. Now that people are home more often, there is a greater incentive to earn certifications and advance their careers. This also applies to businesses. Now, rather than scheduling an in-person training course, where hours of production may be interrupted, and a trainer will need to be hired, a company can easily send employees links where the employees can then watch and learn whenever they have time.

Not only do instructional videos help to train employees on the proper uses of products or software, but studies have shown that training video productions has other positive impacts. These impacts include a boost in morale, competitiveness, and communication.

For example, if one business wants to sell to another a software capable of compacting data, then it would be in the selling business’s interest to offer instructional videos on how the software works. This way, the business purchasing the software will have greater confidence that their investment will pay off, knowing that their employees will be able to handle the new application.

As for the employees themselves, by their company showing the extra effort to advance their knowledge within their field, employees gain new skills for their resume, which then leads to greater overall morale and respect for the company they work for. Overall, the more care a company puts into their employees, the more care an employee puts back into the company, and this includes training.

With the positive feedback supplied by the selling business’s training videos, the purchasing company is more likely to buy again. In contrast, if the selling company didn’t offer any elearning and educational material, then the buying company may not find the proper training needed for their employees, and therefore, may end up with a negative experience trying to implement the new software.

In the case of one business seeking to sell machinery to another, then instructional videos centered on safety precautions follow the same formula. Helping customers fully understand a product will increase their confidence in your product and will keep them coming back.

Video Over Text

With the value of training videos from business to business understood, the next question lies in why video instruction is recommended over traditional text or manuals.

Video commercials are some of the best ways to engage with potential consumers, but how do they hold up in education? In a comparison study of video-based study versus text-based study, it was apparent that videos did help improve the understanding of students. Furthermore, this particular study evaluated students learning a foreign language, a subject in which is not only complex but difficult for general audiences. Therefore, if something as complex as learning a language can be easily conveyed through video, then so can the applications and uses for your product.

In comparison to text, videos are also more versatile in the ways they can instruct. Depending on the product and the audience, and instructional video can adapt specifically to what’s needed to keep engagement high, while also relating valuable information.

Here at the SparkHouse, among our many services, we also offer animations designed to help break down complicated topics in a way anyone can understand.

No matter how great your product is, or how much it can improve the business to which you’re trying to sell, if the personnel from the business don’t understand your product, then there will be little to no incentive to make a purchase.

For more information on how our videos can help your business, contact us today. Also, for promoting products to a general audience, be sure to take a look at another one of our blogs on how our team breaks down your needs, and optimizes the best course of action for you and your audience.

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