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How to Get More Facebook Social Media Video Views

If you’re looking to take your Facebook presence to a new level, video is the way to go. Here are our top tips and tactics to answer the common question of how to get more video views on Facebook!

Technical Tactics For How To Get More Views On Facebook

Optimize For Mobile

Nearly 82% of Facebook users worldwide only access the site from a mobile phone.[1] Start by shooting all videos in the vertical or portrait view; this means the viewer doesn’t have to turn their phone and hope the video resizes. 

Another way to optimize is to make sure your video works without the audio or sound. Most Facebook videos are watched without sound — think of sneaking a social media break at work. We’ll discuss how you can counter not having sound in a minute.

Inside Creator Studio, you also have the option to use Meta’s built-in video optimizations. These options are automated and adjust the video based on the device used at the viewing time.  Once set up, you won’t have to flip the switch for every video you upload.

Film A Blend of Short-Form and Long-Form Content

A lot has been written about the short attention spans of social media users. But when done correctly, there’s still ample space for long-form content, especially with Facebook videos. Well-planned, executed and promoted 

Use Custom Graphics and Thumbnails

The thumbnail is the first part of any video someone sees — it’s your chance to entice them to press play. A good thumbnail reflects the video content but doesn’t give away the message. They’re usually branded and use colors and designs that don’t clash with your branding. If you use text overlays, make sure you use a text and size that’s legible for skimming. 

Always Include Captions

As mentioned, most Facebook videos are viewed with the sound off. Adding captions to your videos keeps viewers engaged but also makes the videos inclusive and accessible for people with hearing impairments. You can upload your own captions in Creator Studio or autogenerate them — if you go this route, make sure to review the generated captions for accuracy. 

Use Targeted Keywords In Tags, Descriptions, and Captions

Many people don’t think of videos when they think of search results, but they’re a growing content type, even on social media platforms. Using keywords in the video captions, descriptions, and tags is how your videos to land in front of people who don’t follow your Facebook page. It’s recommended to use keywords and tags related and relevant to your video content for the highest engagement and visibility. 

Put Ad Spend Behind Your Videos

The never-ending question of how to get more views on Facebook has one solution that works for everyone. Ads! Custom targeting is your best friend when running Facebook ads. You can narrow down your true target audience through demographics and other target options to show the video to people who would really be interested. Lookalike audiences can also expand your views and reach for video ads. 

Creative Tactics For How To Get More Views On Facebook

Standing out in the sea of Facebook videos is easier when you use these creative tactics. 

Immediately Hook Viewers

It’s not optional to lead your viewers into a video if you’re looking to solve how to get more views on Facebook. If someone doesn’t watch at least three seconds, they’re most likely to continue scrolling and essentially skip the video. Hook your viewers within the first three seconds with the core message, then use dynamic transitions to keep them engaged.

Make An Emotional Connection and Tell A Story

People want to connect with and relate to the content they consume online, including social media marketing videos. You can do this by producing videos that focus on your customers’ emotions and needs. Approaching any type of video production from this angle is the best way to make a connection that strengthens customer relationships and invites new viewers. 

Create Content Your Audience Wants To Share

Sharing content on Facebook or any other social media platform is a form of word-of-mouth marketing. Creating videos that validate your customers’ beliefs and trigger an emotional reaction is the best way to earn shares. 

But, regardless of the quality of social media video production, keep the video content in alignment with your brand and the topic. The last thing you want is a PR mess because your video goes viral for all the wrong reasons. 

Host A Giveaway or Contest

If you’re searching for how to get more views on Facebook for your brand, contests and giveaways are a solid way to engage people. If possible, show off the prize in the video so the viewer has a tangible object to imagine. Use the caption area to reiterate content or giveaway rules, deadlines, and other important information. 

Capture User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content (UGC) is a blend of customer testimonials, reviews, and interactions that lend social proof to your products or services. Use branded hashtags in your videos and encourage followers and viewers to use them in their videos. Then, sporadically search the hashtags and reshare the best UGC to your Facebook page.

And Now You Know How To Get More Views On Facebook

Like every part of social media production, earning more views on Facebook takes time and planning, but it will be more effective when you use these tips and tactics.

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