3 Proven Instagram Social Media Video Ideas to Attract More Clicks

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Leads are what fill the top of any sales funnel and have the potential to become satisfied customers who help grow your brand. But if your social media channels have gone a bit stale and engagement has fallen, we’re here to share some of our favorite Instagram video ideas.


Does your customer service team hear the same questions over and over? Answer them in an Instagram video or two. Many people use video content to help themselves find solutions to everyday issues or how to use a new product to its full capacity. 

How-to videos usually fall into a longer format, but you can also show off how to use the different features of a product in short videos as a series. Whether you’re producing how-to’s, explainers, or tutorials, the videos are a perfect way to position your brand or company as an educational resource within your industry.

Behind The Scenes

Looking to attract more customers and grow your brand? Working with a social media video production company to produce behind-the-scenes videos can elevate your operation. Show how different teams prepared for your latest product launch, or start a bi-weekly day-in-the-life series with different employees in various job roles. If you need more behind-the-scenes ideas, ask your customers and followers what they’d like to see behind the camera in an Instagram poll.

Introduce Your Brand and Your Team

People want to know more about who they’re engaging with and sending money to. Introducing yourself, the business, and others who make everything run smoothly is a great way to bridge this gap. It builds connections with your customers while showcasing the human side of the business, products, or services. 

Share your business’s core values — a growing number of consumers today want to do business with companies that share the same values. They also want to learn how their favorite products are made, which is perfect for a behind-the-scenes series. 

Bust A Few Myths

Every industry has myths, and answering or addressing them can make for great Instagram video ideas. You could create a series or have one-off videos sprinkled into your regular posting schedule. Tackling myths helps you and your company show authority and expertise in the industry. Over time, this helps build credibility, which is invaluable for existing and potential customers of your business.

Engaging Q&As

Instagram’s questions sticker makes setting up a questions and answers session with your customers and followers easy. You can set a predetermined topic or open the floor, so to speak, for people to submit questions. If you want to engage and talk with customers and followers, host an Instagram Live. During a Live, you can also add polls for live feedback from viewers. 

Use Testimonials & Reviews

Satisfied customers sharing their experience is one of the best ways to create more satisfied customers. Their reviews and testimonials don’t have to be long or too in-depth; 45 to 60 seconds is enough to give a good soundbite. 

Record long testimonials and then split them up for multiple Instagram posts. You can also source reviews and testimonials through the next idea, user-generated content.

UGC: User-Generated Content

Maybe there’s a healthy dose of skepticism behind it, but UGC garners up to 10 times more views than a brand’s original content. This isn’t surprising since many brands and companies fill their social media profiles with brand-focused and not-so-subtle selling of their products. 

UGC is an effective way to increase brand awareness and viewer engagement. You can incorporate UGC into your Instagram strategy at any time. Use branded hashtags for a new product launch or special event and encourage followers and customers to use these on their videos. 

Before sharing UGC, spend time vetting the user. If your company and budget allow, consider giving a discount or other gift to your most vocal supporters. 

Use Branded and Creative Visuals

Consumers want authenticity from brands and the companies they support. Creating and using branded visuals within your Instagram videos adds to your level of professionalism, and the content should emphasize authenticity. 

It enhances your perception among customers and followers that the company takes itself seriously, but not so much that it only sees profits and losses. Keeping the branding consistent across every social media platform and marketing channel also makes it easier for consumers to remember the company, regardless of where they first saw the branding.

Use Trends To Your Advantage

Because marketing and sales are all about creating a connection and building relationships with customers, having fun with the latest social media trend isn’t a bad thing. People enjoy a good chuckle when companies appropriately take part and sometimes even poke a little fun at themselves. 

But keeping up with the trends isn’t about learning the latest dance. Dabble in different kinds of video production, like stop-motion or animation, and see which style your customers and followers like best.

Put These Instagram Video Ideas To Good Use Today!

Now that you have several Instagram video ideas in your repository, it’s time to start ramping up your social media production!

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