Jacuzzi Hires Sparkhouse to Create Real Customer Features

Sparkhouse gets hired by Jacuzzi Hot Tubs to create real customer features for both the Jacuzzi Brand as well as the Sundance Spas brand. Using real life satisfied customers, the videos focus on various experiences with the spas including selection, installation, and maintenance as well as features about the experiences of enjoying the tubs with family, friends and loved ones.

By using real life customers, Sparkhouse is able to tell an authentic and engaging story that viewers connect with and truly believe and understand. The video features are currently living on the Jacuzzi and Sundance websites, YouTube channels, Facebook pages as well as being displayed on video walls, iPads and mobile devices at various events and dealer locations. The Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Sundance Spas features are directed by Alex Meader, produced by Sophronia Caicedo and edited by Jonathan Wallace.

Directed by: Alex Meader
Edited by: Jonathan Wallace

Directed by: Alex Meader
Edited by: Jonathan Wallace



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