Most Effective Types of TV Commercials

Most Effective types of TV Commercials

There is not a simple one size fits all standard when creating a TV commercial for your business. There are various styles with different approaches to consider when choosing the type of TV commercial you would like to produce. It is essential that whichever style of TV commercial you choose fits your company’s overall vision, brand, and style. In this article, we will explore the most effective types of TV commercials.

Demonstration Commercial

In these video productions, the product is the star by showing the product in action and how it works. Think about laundry detergent and paper towel commercials; these commercials demonstrate and focus on the product at work, by showing how it will get your clothes and countertops clean.

Testimonial Commercial

These productions feature “real people” that relate to the consumer and share their experience with a product or service. The individuals selected for the commercials can be real customers or actors hired to represent a real customer. These types of commercials build trust by creating an authentic and relatable feeling for the consumer. A great example of this type of commercial is those for insurance companies such as the USAA.

Comparison Ad

In these types of ads, the focus is on comparing and providing information as to how a particular product or service is superior to that of the competition by comparing specific features or statistics. These commercials are often seen in relation to fast food restaurants or cell phone providers.

Character or Celebrity Commercials

These commercials tend to create a series or following where each ad builds upon another using a central character or celebrity. Commercials that exemplify this style and use it effectively are the Geico Gecko or the Mayhem character from Allstate.

Problem Solving Production

With this type of TV commercial, the production focuses on a particular problem and how the company’s product or service will solve that problem effectively. The commercials will draw attention from the audience’s feelings of pain or concern to then present the solution offered by the product or service. Some commercials that follow this structure are those promoting carpet cleaning services and how-to videos for products or animated explainer videos.


These types of productions are very meta in that the companies will poke fun at themselves by spoofing current trends or the style of a competitor’s commercial. This is often seen in the example of Samsung’s commercial which imitates Apple commercials in a funny manner.

Symbolic or Analogy Commercial

Sometimes it may be necessary to exaggerate certain elements of a problem or solution to effectively communicate the value of your product or service. In these productions using an analogy or symbolism can bring those elements to life making it more appealing and easier to understand for consumers. This technique is used by Mucinex in their personification of feeling stuffy with their character.  

PSA or Fear-Based Production

These video productions are created with the goal of educating viewers and presenting difficult realities that will influence the consumer to desire your product or service. These commercials are common when promoting a vehicle’s safety features or in anti-drug campaigns.


This type of commercial is generally longer than typical commercial spots and involves a series of demonstrations presented by a lively host. The purpose and goal of these ads are to drive consumers to take immediate action by calling and ordering a product online during a limited time. You may have seen an example of these productions for products such as the Shamwow or FlexSeal.

Choose The Style That is Right for Your Business

There are many factors to consider when deciding to create a commercial for your product or service. You must first and foremost ensure you are choosing a style of commercial that fits your company’s brand and goals to attract consumers, by effectively catching the attention of the audience.

If you are interested in creating an effective and appealing video production for your company’s product or service reach out to our experienced and professional Sparkhouse team to get started today.

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