Top Video Production Company Creates an Animated Product Launch Video for Top Video Gaming Company - Sparkhouse

NZXT: Top Video Production Company Creates an Animated Product Launch Video for Top Video Gaming Company

Watch the final video here:

Make A Splash

Check out what Helen Truong, Lead Designer of NZXT had to say about his experience with Sparkhouse, read the full review here:

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Please describe your company and your position there.

I am the lead designer for a PC gaming company. I work on multiple campaigns to help promote product and promotional events to help make PC gaming more inclusive and accessible.

For what projects/services did your company hire Sparkhouse, and what were your goals?

We hired Sparkhouse to help with video production to support our campaign in launching a new product. Our goal was to introduce a new color to the community by making a “splash” with a dynamic and memorable impression of the product.

How did you select this vendor and what were the deciding factors?

We have previously worked with Sparkhouse for other projects and are very familiar with their dedication to their work as well as the quality produced. They are very reliable and can be trusted to get the work done to produce satisfactory results.

Describe the video(s) and the process in detail, including the project steps and all stages of production.

We always kick off the process by introducing the product and what the goals/POV we want to tell. We work together in storyboarding the narrative and ensure all gears are checked before deciding on how we want to execute.

Sparkhouse then does an impeccable job on their end to ensure we’re in great hands. They coordinate any details from filming with talent to rendering CGI.

Who did you work with and what was the feedback process like?

I worked with Torrey and his entire team as they were all great in communicating actions and feedback. The process of going back and forth for review was seamless.

Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

The community response to our engagement on social handles were very high. Unfortunately we are not able to give direct results in sales of said product as we had announced the product, but the product was not ready to sell yet.

Describe their project management style, including communication tools and timeliness.

Communication with Sparkhouse is very easy. We communicated effectively though email and meetings. They used to share video reviews and that also incorporated timecoded edits. Torrey and his team are very prompt with checking for updates as they want to ensure they deliver by proposed date.

What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

The time and dedication this team has to ensure each video produced is satisfactory will always be the reason we come back to Sparkhouse. We truly trust their team with production results.

Are there any areas for improvement or something they could have done differently?

Torrey’s team is doing a fantastic job as is. I have very little to comment to help improve.

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