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The Challenge

Catch the viewer’s attention in the first 3 seconds

UAG came to us needing help with creating a Facebook ad for their new Macbook Pro cases. They wanted to have a video ad that captured the military grade durability of their case so that audiences could see firsthand how strong their cases were.

The goal of this video was to catch the viewer’s attention for at least three seconds while showing just how protective these laptop cases are.

The Approach

Our approach was to create a very dramatic view of the laptop falling in ultra slo-mo while connecting the importance of not only the laptop but the content that is contained within the computer. When someone breaks a laptop they don’t just lose the cost of the computer, they also lose important documents, photos, videos and more.

We open this video with an extreme slow motion shot of a falling laptop. We are able to achieve this by using a Phantom camera that is capable of recording at 2500 frames per second! As the laptop is falling through the air we have bold, graphic callouts of all the content that could be lost if the laptop were to break. In the end, we reveal that the dramatic reactions one might have in this scenario, is no longer necessary due to the amazing protection of UAG’s Cases.

Delivery: 3 Seconds of Anxiety

Here’s a quick snapshot of the ultimate 3 second attention grabber that we started the video with. You can see that in the 3 seconds we are catching the attention by having one of the most valued products for your every day consumer falling – in slow motion.

There is no suspense and fear like seeing your laptop falling off the table and that’s exactly what the video is supposed to make you relive.

The accompanying text supports the feeling by listing all the details on the laptop you are risking losing in those seconds that the laptop is falling.

“They present an incredible value. I’ve worked with other agencies that want to charge 5x as much for the same video. Sparkhouse was able to achieve something as good or better without being so expensive and they really listened to our needs.”

Michael McVerry | UAG Director of Ecommerce

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3 Seconds = Dropping a Macbook Pro 26 Times

Yes, that’s right. 26 Times!

That initial drop was key to the ultimate success of the Facebook campaign that UAG was running so our team had to focus in on really capturing the most vivid, real way of capturing the strength and durability of the case despite it dropping.

Using some of the most elite camera’s and amazing video team, you can get a glimpse into how exactly this video was made:

Behind the Scenes 1

Behind the Scenes 2

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