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Privacy Pop Video Goes Viral

Last month, we finished up a super fun video project for Privacy Pop. The piece was designed to be an engaging, high energy video driven by its music and simple stylized titles. It’s a lively video with 360 product shots and quick cuts that show Privacy Pop’s versatility, ease of use, and creative design.

The video was launched on Privacy Pop’s Facebook page. After only five days, it had 200,000 views. After just one month, total views catapulted to over 3 million! The effectiveness of the video was far beyond what Privacy Pop Founder Eric Mear ever envisioned. Eric was thrilled with the results and said, “Sparkhouse did an amazing job on our video and exceeded all of our expectations.”

Privacy Pop tents fit snuggly around mattresses to turn your bed into a private oasis. You can also use them to create a private sleep space anywhere. Sparkhouse even used Privacy Pop tents at Forge 54 to create private sleeping space for our coders and designers!



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