Recent Trends in Video Marketing: Using Video for Content Marketing


In this age of information consumption, content marketing is on the rise which has led to more information than one person can even process. Unless you have an over sized brain, you will have to pick and choose the information you want to consume. Since most of us are not super-humans with abnormal brain functions, video is a smart solution to those looking to stand out and easily grab the attention of the consumer as it is an easily digestible way of taking in information. Due to it being easy to consume, video is on the rise as a means of content marketing. Let’s take a look at what makes video such a great option when it comes to engaging potential clients and building your brand.

Video Helps Your Content Stand Out

With the overabundance of marketing content available to the consumer, there is a growing need to find ways to more easily engage with potential clients. This is one of the greatest gifts that video provides the marketer. It instantly engages with the customer in a way that written content is not quite able to do. This provides you with a greater consumer engagement and will help to boost your conversion rates.

Video Helps You to be Creative in How You Present Your Content

Unlike written content, utilizing video helps you engage with your audience in interesting and creative ways. Video marketing can help you find ways of standing out and further push your brand to the forefront of your industry. With the growing amount of content available to the consumer, it has become necessary to find ways of engaging that are unique and different. You want to find a way to make your product stick with your audience and video can provide that for you.

Video is Popular

Statistics from YouTube state that it receives over one billion unique visitors per month. A company wishing to reach the highest amount of potential clients with its content marketing would be wise to utilize video, including short-form content like YouTube Shorts, as a successful medium for reaching customers and growing audiences.

Video is Easily Shared

Not only does video make information easier than ever to access, it also makes it easier than ever to spread. When was the last time you heard about an article going viral? Other forms of content marketing may get shared occasionally but will not have the same impact that a video will. Videos have a much wider appeal and are more likely to reach a larger audience.

Video is the Future of Content Marketing

More and more companies are utilizing video for customer engagement. Video is the future of content marketing and you do not want to be left behind. If you are serious about reaching customers and building your brand, you need to be competitive and video will help you do that. Make use of video for your marketing or be left in the dust.

If you are looking for a tool that will reach the most potential customers with content that is interesting, informative and engaging then video is the solution you are looking for. If video is not a part of your marketing strategy then you are severely limiting your ability to build your audience and promote your brand.

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