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9 Social Media Video Ideas For Your Business

Sometimes social media videos become rinse and repeat after a while. It makes sense — if you’ve found a formula that works, why switch it up?

Well, for starters, social strategy shouldn’t be linear. There are multiple ways to get out of the old routine and spice up your content to drive likes, shares, and traffic. Social media video production takes creativity, leveraging trends, and knowing what your audience cares about in and out.

Check out our list of social media video ideas to kickstart new business leads for your next campaign. 

Use Dynamic Hyperspeed Or Stopmotion Videos

Stepping outside the mold means making your point with dynamic techniques. Using hyperspeed to highlight your product, service, or offering in a quick, succinct manner helps your audience get the solution they’re seeking (or your message) much faster.

Alternatively, slower stop-motion videos generate interest.

To give the appearance of independent motion when the series of frames is played back quickly, items are physically moved in tiny increments between each separately captured frame — this is known as stop motion. 

Stopmotion animation grabs attention by:

    • Simplifying complex topics by visually describing information. Visual information is processed 60,000 times more quickly than text
    • Encourages nostalgia because most of us link our favorite childhood memories with cartoons — which often use stop-motion animation.

Highlight Recent Offline Events

Have a recent event that your audience would love? We’re talking about sales meetings, pop-ups, charity events — you name it The point here is to share highlights from your event. You can make a teaser video for your next event using footage from a recent one or live stream what’s going on at your current event. 

Reveal Your Authority and Dismantle False Perceptions

Misconceptions can tarnish a brand’s reputation or create false pretenses about an industry. In your next social media video, try to combat myths and back up your claims with expertise. 

Highlight your authority on a given topic and provide examples where appropriate. 

Jump on a trend

Trends come and go on social media, but brands that jump on them quickly (and do it well) are often remembered and respected. 

When it comes to posting anything hot, there is a sweet spot in timing. In order to submit reels, stories, or TikToks with popular sounds when they are still fresh and new, you must do so quickly. The sound tends to get repetitive and boring to viewers if you wait too long. Being present and engaged on social media is the best method to genuinely know what’s going on there!

Other trends like using memes, short video clips, and cultural references also capture the viewer’s attention. Your audience wants to see your take on a trend. 

Host An Account Takeover

Takeovers aid in boosting social media reach and engagement. They offer your viewers a different viewpoint of your brand. They also help your brand become more well-known by presenting its unique characteristics to both current and potential customers. 

Leverage industry connections to tune into their clientele or audience. You want to target individuals or connections whose viewers’ interests align with what you offer to get the most out of your efforts.

Offer Giveaways and Competitions

Giveaways and competition create buzz and drive engagement like nothing else. It builds brand awareness and sparks a conversation. 

Everyone wants free stuff or the chance to win something. Creating a social media video around your next giveaway will reengage existing customers and create awareness around your brand. 

Take Questions Or Share Polls

WRITER: discuss the value of talking WITH the audience, taking poles, asking questions, etc. 

When given the opportunity, people love to a) talk about themselves and b) share their opinion. 

Taking questions or sharing polls to gauge your audience’s opinion is a great way to gather data around:

  • What your customers like
  • What they want to see more of
  • How you can improve your product or service
  • What they’re enjoying about a new product

Capture User-Generated Content

User-generated content is the most authentic content you can share with your followers. It’s true word-of-mouth marketing, providing trust and ingenuity in your brand or business. When a brand creates social media video ideas that incorporate real reviews or UGC, they often reach and engage much more of their desired audience. 

Share Testimonials and Reviews To Enhance Credibility

Credibility-building is crucial to your content marketing approach. Utilizing and properly posting client testimonials on your social media is one strategy to raise the credibility of your brand. By including outstanding reviews from actual consumers, you can convince users that your company is reliable. Bonus points if you receive an influencer’s endorsement.

These Social Media Video Ideas Can Help You Grow Your Account and Your Brand

Your social media video strategy should spark conversation, encourage scroll-stopping, and entertain your audience. 

Try using some of our social media video ideas to liven up your social feeds. Social media production should leverage your best selling points and make your customers hit that follow button.

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