Sparkhouse Proudly Announces New 5-Star Review on Clutch

Sparkhouse Announces New 5-Star Review on Clutch

A decade of experience, an intuitive grasp of the digital world and a seasoned production team. This is what Sparkhouse can bring to the table to accomplish your custom video storytelling goals. Our online videos are designed to sell, entertain, educate and gather feedback. Whatever your company needs, we can create a video that is innovative and exciting but, more importantly, is ingrained with your brand. When our clients begin a project with us, we put them directly in contact with one of our producers. From that point on, the client is involved with nearly every step of the production process.

We would like to thank our clients for their continued support of our Clutch profile. The reviews we receive enhance our rating and increase our visibility for future clients. In fact, we’re ranked third in the world for top video production companies!



The team at Sparkhouse is proud to announce we have earned another review as a result of our project with Response Mine Health.

We had the opportunity to produce a video of an interview with a health industry expert. We were praised on our high production values, availability of raw footage and high-definition video quality. As a result, Response Mine Health raised its profile within the hospital market.

Another notable project we worked on was an animated explainer video for a kiosk manufacturer. We crafted a video explaining the company’s Virtual Banking Expert feature according to our client’s specifications. Awareness of this kiosk feature raised due to our video.

“They’re a smaller team, but you can tell that they’re very dedicated and organized. They never come across as stressed.” – CEO of ZIVELO.

Not only can we be found on Clutch, The Manifest, sister site of Clutch, also features our work, where we are ranked first in San Diego video production agencies.

The entire team at Sparkhouse is proud to be a leader in video production.

“It is always great to hear that your clients really enjoyed working with your team and loved the results. It is a great reminder of why we do what we do” – Torrey Tayenka, CEO of Sparkhouse.

About 42% of businesses published videos on their websites in 2018; let us help you be one of them.

Would your business benefit from a video to tell your story? If the answer is yes, let’s get in touch today!

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