Sparkhouse Featured As A Top Video Production Company in San Diego

Another “W” for Sparkhouse!

At Sparkhouse, we’re proud of the many milestones we’ve reached. From becoming an officially certified minority-owned business to Torrey wining the Entrepreneur Excellence award nomination, there’s a lot to brag about. Throughout it all, we’ve always known that our success is a result of the company (read: clients) we keep, but we’ve never been able to tie our wins as directly to our clients as we can with our latest recognition.

Sparkhouse has been officially named San Diego’s leading video production company by Clutch. As a firm that specializes in identifying industry leaders based on the agency-client relationship, client works to provide B2B decision-makers with the most in-depth and holistic view of marketing, creative, advertising, and production partners. They use an extensive research methodology paired with a client interview process to complete their assessments, and they present the results in Leaders Matrices on the platform.

After 26 client interviews and several assessments by the Clutch analysts, Sparkhouse has earned a placement as San Diego’s number one company for video production services. Here are some of the comments supporting our rank on Clutch:

“They skillfully and creatively produced a video that had numerous data points that could have easily gotten lost in the numbers. They made an engaging and informative product that exceeded our expectations. It was easily understood, fast moving, and amplified by well-chosen music.”

“They’re great listeners. They don’t get stuck in their own creative vision, but add ideas that enhance our concepts…. I can’t say anything bad about our experience. They never dropped the ball and everything went smoothly.”

“They feel like an extension of our team. We trust their creative instincts.”

“They communicated very well, and always asked us great questions to make sure the videos were as effective as possible. Some vendors are hesitant to involve the client and work independently, often leading to gaps between the idea and the end product. Sparkhouse was completely engaged, and we were very happy with the results. They felt like an internal department, rather than just a vendor.”

In addition to our leadership on Clutch, we’ve also gained recognition on Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest. There, we’re proud to be listed among the top video production companies around the US.

We’re proud to have earned the trust of our clients, who have taken the time to speak on our behalf and gain our latest win. As we continue to work with Clutch and The Manifest, we can’t wait to see what clients continue to say.


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