Sparkhouse Helps Nékter Juice Bar Bring Customers Closer With Entertaining Product Videos

Nékter Juice Bar, a national franchise that serves handcrafted, cold-pressed juices, smoothies and acai bowls, asked Sparkhouse to create visually stimulating branded content that would let them talk directly to their customers via the large flat screen TVs recently installed in stores. The big goal? To entertain and educate people on the special health-and-wellness benefits of three specific items and provide an informative and fun distraction while waiting in line.

The Challenge

With the traditional menu-board format of giving customers product information, it can be quite limiting and ultimately prove difficult to inspire someone to try something new. So the Sparkhouse team set out to design strategic, product-elevating content that would successfully show off the energizing and nutrient-rich ingredients found in Nékter’s items, along with the reasons why their ingredients and recipes are superior to those offered by competitors. Low sugar, no additives and fresh ingredients were just a few of the appeal points to showcase.

One challenge the video production team faced was how to best communicate the messaging to engage both customers familiar with the brand and products, as well as new customers who are unfamiliar with products like the acai bowl is, for instance. As the Nékter Juice Bar brand continues to expand outside of California and integrate into new markets, they expressed the need to visually communicate the products’ look, feel, taste and benefits to their comprehensive target market.

The Results

Our team responded by producing three videos that leverage high-quality imagery and motion shots to show and tell what is in the products—and also what’s not in them. See for yourself:

The Greenie Video is an up-close product highlight video promoting the Greenie smoothie, featuring dynamic shots of fresh ingredients in motion and calling out various benefits.

The Pink Flamingo Video is a mash-up of colorful fruits and product shots promoting the Pink Flamingo smoothie, designed to provide a visual stimulus and communicate a message of refreshment and purity.

The Acai Bowl Video showcases the Acai Banana Berry Bowl by highlighting the product’s pure and natural ingredients.

The innovative Sparkhouse video campaign is currently being rolled out to Nékter’s current 85 stores, with plans to distribute to the additional 15 stores opening by year’s end. As a follow-up, we’ll also be capturing footage of the new videos playing inside designated busy stores to be used as a behind-the-scenes reel for promotional purposes. Finally, Sparkhouse applied our online marketing savvy to distribute content via social media channels and promotional in-store displays.

Sparkhouse is honored to lend our production talents to such a holistic, healthy company that is doing big things. Our well-received video trio is just the first of many to come for the awesome and inspiring Nékter brand.

With a focus on the local community, Nékter Juice Bar was started in Costa Mesa in 2010 by husband and wife team Steve and Alexis. The message was simple—meals and juices that were affordable, healthy and tasted great. Since 2010, Nékter has expanded throughout California and has reached beyond the Golden State to Texas, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado. All of Nékter’s products are designed to promote healthy living and are natural, raw and vegan in form.

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