Sparkhouse Helps Reolink Raise Over $1 Million with Creative Crowdfunding Video

Global innovator in home security Reolink needed some expert guidance in launching their Indiegogo campaign to raise awareness and support around a new product, the Reolink Argus Wire-Free Security Camera. They turned to our Sparkhouse video production team, who helped them transcend their mark to pull in over one million dollars in just 45 days! Here’s how we did it:

Sparkhouse partnered with CrowdCreate, an agency focused on crowdfunding video strategy, to design a comprehensive campaign driven by powerful imagery. Using the mediums of video, social media video, and product/lifestyle photography, the Reolink Argus campaign came to life and won over its target audience with exciting results.

Argus Campaign Strategy

As the world’s first 100% wire-free, battery-powered, weatherproof smart camera, for the Argus approach, we wanted to get people excited about the technology by showing, not just telling.

Based on CrowdCreate’s research data, it was important to cover the features that were most important to everyday families. We thought the best way to personalize Argus was to come up with a video that highlights its unique benefits through reviews of characters who might disapprove of home security, all while incorporating humor throughout. Going with the “Mom knows best” approach, our “Mom” served as a spokesperson with first-hand experience using Argus—an angle we felt would best convey our message to families who are looking for security with multiple features and benefits.

Social Media Cut

Keeping budget in mind, we were able to optimize a second version of the video specifically created for social media and Facebook ads. Since many social media video views come from users who are on their mobile device or in a casual viewing environment such as a classroom or workplace, we needed to make sure the video was still impactful even without audio. We added large explainer titles and graphics so that the viewer could easily understand the video on the go. Learn more about social media videos in our social media video production.

Same-Day Photography

With talented photographers on set, we were able to capture all of the campaign, product, and lifestyle photography during the same production day—a definite plus for the client budget. Using the same locations, props, and actors, the product photography is cohesive and in line with the overall campaign, giving the client multiple assets to use in their marketing plan.


Record-Breaking Results

In just one day, the Sparkhouse team produced a high-quality commercial and optimized it for social media platforms, and assembled a photography portfolio that can be used over and over for branding. The Argus Indiegogo campaign turned out to be one of Sparkhouse’s and CrowdCreate’s most successful to date, at 4005% funded with 6,219 backers!

See the Case Study:

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