Sparkhouse Launches Kite Campaign on Indiegogo

Sparkhouse is proud of the extreme success of the recent marketing campaign put together for the Kite Patch mosquito repellent technology. Sparkhouse’s team including Torrey Tayenaka, Sophronia Caicedo, Brandon Cammell, Ro Oeurn, and Brian Quach created many aspects of the Kite Patch’s marketing including naming, branding, product design, video marketing and indiegogo crowd funding.

Sparkhouse teamed up with Ephex online to create a complete website and online presence including contact forms, distributor applications and FAQs.

Within just four days of posting the marketing campaign on crowdfunding site indiegogo the Kite Patch had been completely funded ($75,000). By the end of the campaign the Kite Patch had successfully raised over $550,000 from 11,254 supporters, which was over 700% the original goal.

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