Sparkhouse Produces DYLN’s Indiegogo Video

DYLN Inspired teamed up with Sparkhouse to create a video marketing campaign for their Indiegogo crowd funding campaign. The goal was to create a video unlike any other crowd funding video.  The opening consisted with an extremely stylized and visually exciting yoga sequence followed by a documentary style interview of all the founders.  The video focuses on the hard work and dedication that the DYLN Inspired team put into the project as well as the amazing technology and quality of their products.  The video included an explanation as to why DYLN Inspired required funding and what those funds would go towards. This film was directed by Torrey Tayenaka, Produced by Sophronia Caicedo, DP Nick Medrud and Edited by Jonathan Wallace.



About DYLN Inspired

DYLN Inspired is genuinely inspired. Offering innovative products that enliven the body, we make it easy to experience the energy of nature. For the yoga and wellness enthusiast, the athlete, and the health-conscious, each item is designed to cultivate your healthiest potential.

We aim to teach you not only what our unique activewear and accessories do, but also how they work, and from where these concepts were inspired. We aim to be your trusted source for the latest in water, wellness, yoga, and fitness.



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