The Sparkhouse Bowl – Our Favorite Super Bowl Ads in Our Own Made Up Categories

By Alyssa Lahham

Advertisers spent a record $377 million on air time alone for Super Bowl ads this year, averaging $5 million for a 30 second spot. With that much skin in the game, there were some great spots. Here are our favorite Super Bowl commercials in our own made up categories:

Best Performance by an Animal

Heinz – Weiner Stampede

Can’t. Stop. Watching. Such. Cute. Puppies. Just don’t think about what happens next.

Best Comedy

Doritos – Ultrasound

We would be safe announcing Doritos will win this for 2017 too. Doritos never disappoints in this category.

Best Celebrity Endorsement

Amazon Echo – #BaldwinBowl

Baldwin, Moreno, Schwartzman, and Elliot…how do I get an invite to that party?

Most Strategic

Death Wish Coffee/Intuit – Storm’s a-Brewin’

Intuit ran a contest to put a small business on the map with a creative Super Bowl commercial. Death Wish Coffee won with this excellently branded ad. Everybody wins.

Best Product Launch

Taco Bell – Quesalupa

With a “best kept worst kept secret” approach, Taco Bell created a ton of buzz.

Most Inspirational

Kia – Walken Closet

Expect more. Be a polka-dot sock.

Most Shareable

Mountain Dew – Puppy Monkey Baby

They combined everything shareable about Super Bowl ads into one.

Best Pop Culture Reference

Drake – Restricted Bling

A little late to Hotline Bling wave, but we’re still counting it.

Best Super Bowl Commercial that isn’t Actually a Super Bowl Commercial

NFL – Super Bowl Babies Choir

Is that stat for real? We believe it! I guess there’s a brightside to my team not winning this year.

Our Very Favorite

Audi – Commander

Just beautiful. And the Bowie soundtrack? Yes.

Bonus Video

Shock Top – Unfiltered Big Game Ad Review

You might as well skip all those ads and just watch this!


Hope you enjoyed these as much as we did! Any category nominations from the audience?

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