Thermal R&D Photography and Website Case Study

Thermal R&D Photography and Website Case Study

Sparkhouse recently partnered with Thermal Research & Development, a maker of high performance exhaust systems, to redesign and invigorate their online presence. The initial strategy focused on updating the company’s forward facing image using captivating product and location photography. The product photography leveraged their beautiful hand-crafted chrome exhaust systems, including mufflers and stainless tips, to tell a visual story.

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For the location shots, our photographer (Danny Tayenaka) captured the true personality of Thermal Research & Devlopment by focusing on the workers who create the pieces, their skill and artistry, and the detail they put into every product. Designing a website to fit the new image was the next step. Partnering with Devise Interactive we used the impressive images to inspire the website graphics and layout. Since the company has such an aesthetically pleasing product and location, we wanted to bring viewers into the heart of the business by offering a virtual tour, incorporating the photography into the home page as full rotating images. The website’s functionality and user experience were carefully planned and tested to ensure effortless navigation. Creating quick, easy access to all of the product pages was also crucial to a successful site, as well as providing thorough product purchasing information for maximum convenience.

Thermal R&D Photography and Website Case Study

To meet the client’s personalization needs, we designed a custom back end to allow for easy uploading and modifying of any product. The customized search functionality was engineered to work in three different capacities: by keyword, make & model, and custom fabrication, an option for customers who couldn’t find a product for their particular vehicle. Additionally, we redesigned Thermal Research & Development’s tradeshow booth, which incorporates their updated photography and reflects the new website style. (Photos coming soon)

The newly designed website and photography can be seen at –

therm1 therm2 therm3

Thermal R&D

Thermal Research and Development was started in 1983 by Chuck Asher in a small shop in Camarillo, CA. As demand for exhaust manufacturing grew, so did the size and scope of the company. Over three decades Chuck steadily grew the business and customer base, creating one of the premier aftermarket exhaust manufacturers in the United States. In 2012, Bloom and Wilkerson Enterprises joined Thermal Research and Development, expanding the company’s size and capabilities. In looking at the landscape of new vehicles in the market and evolving demands of the enthusiast customer, we have continued to invest in the latest technology and equipment. With an expert team of MIG and TIG welders as well as seasoned fabricators, Thermal R&D is well positioned to continue building on its reputation for producing high quality performance exhaust.

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