Tips for Creating Effective eLearning Videos for 2021

Tips for Creating Effective eLearning Videos for 2021

eLearning is an excellent way of simplifying and decluttering education. However, through eLearning videos, you can make the content both understandable and accessible to everyone. What most people don’t tell you is that creating these videos is not as simple as it sounds. There are a lot of things that you need to do to ensure that your content is powerful and effective. Luckily, we have put together pointers to help you get started creating an effective eLearning video.

1. Take a Course

Understand that good quality videos will help increase the effectiveness of your content. You need good imaging and sound when producing these videos. It would also help if you hire professional actors to improve the quality of your work. 

The good news is that there are several online resources and classes that can help you become a professional. Although most of these resources are free, taking a paid course will give you all the advantage you need. Note that you could always hire a professional to give you pointers while producing content.

2. Always Include Demonstrations

Live demonstrations are much easier to understand for most students. It would help if you included a how-to demonstration in your eLearning video. This is especially helpful when creating sales or customer service videos.

For example, screencast demonstration can be helpful when teaching students how-to or how-not-to run a specific program, software, or game. Voice recordings with how-to videos are also an excellent idea.

3. Break Up Long Contents

Long lecturers tend to be rather boring for most students. However, breaking it down into different segments will help you shorten the length of your eLearning videos. Always keep your content short to enhance focus and help the students learn more.

Most students have a short attention span, which makes shorter videos much more effective. The students can easily focus on a particular point or segment of the work. It is also much easier to remember content when it is broken down into different segments.

4. Be Creative

Once you create a few eLearning videos, it can quickly become mundane. Most people start getting sloppy with their work since they do the same tasks frequently. It will help if you avoid speeding through the video.

When creating new videos, think about trying out a different angle, or adding new background music. Note that looking at your videos from a different perspective will help you emphasize points better. Always start a new recording with a fresh mindset.

5. Create Interactive Content

Grabbing the attention of the student is the easy part. However, keeping it tends to be much more challenging. This is especially true when you have a boring lecture or video presentation. The good news is that there are certain practices that can make your eLearning videos more interactive.

Try making the content more relatable and conversational. You could always incorporate real-life examples into your videos. Note that your students will enjoy studying when they can relate to the content. 

6. Work on The Audio Quality

The audio quality of your work will play a vital role in making it effective. Understand that background noise, too high or too low volume, lack of clarity, and a dull voice will be distracting to the students. As stated earlier, eLearning videos need to be engaging and interesting to produce the desired effect.

It will help if you pick the right voice actor for all your content. Your content needs to offer excitement and value at the same time. Investing in top-notch sound equipment will also come a long way in helping you create excellent content. 


eLearning is quickly turning into the future of education across several fields. If you are thinking of creating your videos, Sparkhouse Video Marketing is here to help. Ensure you contact us today and have professional help to create the right videos for your audience. We specialize in helping you accomplish specific business goals through interactive content.  


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