We are a strategic video marketing and TV commercial production company that produces awesome TV commercials. With our budget-friendly mindset, Sparkhouse has created high quality TV commercials for household name brands like USAA, NFL, GM and Capital One.


We are a strategic video marketing and TV commercial production company that produces awesome TV commercials. With our budget-friendly mindset, Sparkhouse has created high quality TV commercials for household name brands like USAA, NFL, GM and Capital One.

We create TV commercials for a variety of clients

Whether you are looking for a national TV commercial spot with star NFL players or a locally-run TV commercial with a smaller budget, Sparkhouse has the experience and resources to execute your TV commercial production with precision.


Jocelyn Campino | Program Coordinator | Merage Institute

“Their professionalism and responsiveness. Even after the project ended, Sparkhouse went out of their way (above and beyond) to make one last edit for us, and it was extremely appreciated. It’s those kinds of personal touches and small details that let you know how much the Sparkhouse team cares about their work, and their relationship with customers.”

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TV Commercial Production Success Stories

Below are just a few of our client successes. We'd love to connect with you to see how we can help you and your company with TV commercial production.



We take extreme pride in getting to know our clients and their products. Therefore we aim to create visually pleasing TV commercials that perfectly emphasizes our clients goals. For that reason, we wanted to create a sophisticated yet strong, rough around the edges look to the Denso "One Small Piece" TV commercial.

To capture the feeling of sophistication we decided to combine the toughness and durability with intelligence and precision. We understood that having very smooth and fluid camera movements would allow us capture that sophisticated look.


With cutting-edge technology, Smanos designs concepts to deliver the ultimate user experience for smart homes and DIY security systems. Though Smanos is internationally based in Amsterdam, Sparkhouse and Smanos worked closely to develop a TV commercial that would communicate to American consumers.

When we partnered up with Smanos for their product we wanted to make sure users could visualize how simple Smanos products can be. We accomplished that by showing on the TV commercial everyday people going about their day and how effortless it's to activate and maneuver their products.

Smanos Commercial Video
Nissan NV Commercial


When it comes to TV commercial production, we enjoy finding creative ways to emphasize a product's strongest features. This was the approach we took when Nissan first approached us to film a TV commercial for their new Nissan NV van. The main feature that we wanted to demonstrate was how compact yet spacious this Nissan NV was. As a result, we decided to emphasize this van's enormous space by loading the entire film production crew and our gear into this Nissan NV.

The Sparkhouse TV Commercial Production Process



During pre-production, this is when big decisions are made and key resources are gathered. We’re mapping out your story with mood boards, storyboards and scripts, and prepping for the shoot with casting, location scouting, wardrobe and more.



Lights, camera, action! No matter how elaborate your video, our production team comes ready to crush production day — and we're going for the gold in every single scene.



In the cutting room, our editing magicians bring all the pieces of your video together and fold in special effects, graphics, music and sound mixing. We’ll want your input and sign-off at every turn to ensure the final cut is flawless.

Why do people work with us?

#1 We create TV commercials that achieve our client’s goals

With a digital crossover strategy in mind, many of Sparkhouse’s TV commercials are packaged with a series of online videos and digital content that allows the story and message to live on multiple mediums and be delivered through many different platforms.

#2 Entrepreneurial mindset

We know budget is huge when growing a business and we take that to heart, we are extremely resourceful in TV commercial production projects.

#3 A proven process for successful TV commercials

At Sparkhouse we have spent the last 15 years creating and refining a process that is proven to assure we create the best possible videos every time. You can learn more about our process here: The Sparkhouse Process

#4 Curious and confident

We are experts in video, but you are an expert in your industry. Every project we take on we dive in with open eyes and ears to learn from you and your team before leading the creative and strategy of video production.

#5 On-time and on budget

With a proven process, weekly milestones, and constant communication we assure your TV commercial is delivered on-time and on budget. No hidden fees either, your budget is locked before we start the production.

#6 Creatively resourceful

Whether it’s making props by hand or finding the most affordable locations, we treat our client’s videos as our own and will do whatever it takes for a successful video.

#7 Extensive TV commercial Production Experience

From stop-motion to full-production videos, our strategic video marketing and tv commercial video agency can put together an impressive campaign by leveraging images and graphics from your original app, integrating original content such as 3D graphics and real-life video footage, and even hiring actors and shooting on-location in order to get your message across.

#8 Transparent and communicative from start to finish

Every project starts with a discovery meeting where you meet everyone working on your project. From there you will receive weekly updates on your commercial and it’s milestones as we move through The Sparkhouse Process all the way till we have a finalized TV commercial.


How much do videos cost?

Most of our videos range from $10k - $50k, but we can help with most budgets, we have created videos everywhere from $5k - $500k+. The biggest deciding factor for the budget is the concept, that will determine things like # of actors, # of locations to rent, # of days of filming needed, etc. Connect with us and we can discuss what the best budget is for your project. Get Started

How long do videos take to make?

On average, from kickoff to final video, it normally takes about 12-14 weeks, but each project is different and we are flexible if you have a rush project. Need a video in two weeks? What are you doing?! Email us now we need to Get Started!

What's the process of making a video?

Each project is unique but at Sparkhouse we have spent the last 15 years creating and refining a process that is proven to assure we create the the best possible videos catered to your needs. You can learn more about our process here: The Sparkhouse Process

What other videos do you make?

We can help with ANYTHING video but our core buckets are Product Videos, Brand/Company Videos, Animations, and Social Media Videos.

How involved do I need to be?

You can be as involved as you desire. We can use your concept or idea and work together as a team to bring it to life, or, you can provide us with your overall, strategic goal, and we can do everything from start to finish.

Who creates the concept for the video?

We are totally open. If you have a great idea bring it to us and we can make it happen.  We can collaborate and come up with ideas together or you can lean on our strategy and creative experts to come up with the best video for your goals.

What is the TV Commercial Production Process?

The secret of making television ads that move your viewers lies in a structured process strategically designed to get results. Whether you're aiming to build brand awareness with trickle-in results over time (as typical of a branded ad) or looking for immediate action (typical of a direct response ad), following this process can help you create a TV commercial that will grow your business in one way or another. Here's a post about our TV Commercial Production process.

What are the Most Effective Types of TV Commercials?

There are various styles with different approaches to consider when choosing the type of TV commercial you would like to produce. It is essential that whichever style of TV commercial you choose fits your company's overall vision, brand, and style. In this article, we will explore the most effective types of TV commercials. Here's a cheat sheet of different types of TV Commercials.

What are the Elements of a Great Television Commercial?

The biggest challenge when setting out to make an effective commercial is to find the balance between presenting engaging, creative, entertaining content and properly delivering your message well enough to get people to act. Here's a post where we go in depth into the topic.

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