UAG “Don’t Be Dramatic”

We have been producing UAG’s installation videos for a few months now, which are simple and effective,but we were very excited when they came to us to help create a Facebook ad for their new Macbook Pro Cases. These are some heavy duty cases that can really take a beating. The laptop we used for the shoot had already been dropped 26 times from over 4 feet and was still in perfect condition.

The Brief

UAG wanted that, the factor to come through in their video, they wanted to show that it really does protect your laptop from a high fall. The goal of this video was to catch the viewer’s attention for at least three seconds while showing just how protective these laptop cases are.

The Approach

Our approach was to create a very dramatic view of the laptop falling in ultra slo-mo while connecting the importance of not only the laptop but the content that is contained within the computer. When someone breaks a laptop they don’t just lose the cost of the computer, they also lose important documents, photos, videos and more.

We open this video with an extreme slow motion shot of a falling laptop. We are able to achieve this by using a Phantom camera that is capable of recording at 2500 frames per second! As the laptop is falling through the air we have bold, graphic callouts of all the content that could be lost if the laptop were to break. In the end, we reveal that the dramatic reactions one might have in this scenario, is no longer necessary due to the amazing protection of UAG’s Cases.


The primary delivery of this video is through Facebook and Youtube ads but is also being featured on UAG’s website.

Check out this behind the scenes video to see more on how we made this video.

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