800Razors.com Case Study

Goals and Approach for 800Razors “Bitches”

With this project we came in with two main goals. The first was to create a connection with viewers through unexpected comedy. The second was to create a stylish, premium look for the brand that would help them stand out from the competition.


To bring out the comedy in the spot we made careful use of music and sound design to accentuate the sudden change in tone when the protagonist explains they “do it for the bitches.” The music in the beginning of the spot was written to be very light and happy, almost to an exaggerated extent. To contrast this we went with a strong West coast 90s hip hop vibe. The juxtaposition of these two radically different styles adds a lot of comedy to the piece.


To give the spots a sense of sleekness and style we used a couple of different lighting and camera techniques. In addition to using very soft fashion style lighting and Black Mist filters to create a more film like look, we actually taped small pieces of cellophane onto the lens over certain portions of the frame to create stylized blur effects in the image. This is a technique that is often used with high fashion photography, which we felt would help give the spots a premium, high end feel to compliment the comedy.

800Razors Mood Boards


This shoot was a challenging one scheduling wise, because we had to shoot two different spots, the men’s version and the women’s version, in a single day of video production. This meant we had to be moving very efficiently through each setup to be able to get everything that we needed. Fortunately our cast and video marketing crew were up for the task and we were able to stay on schedule for most of the day.


Working with the dogs in the spot was a really fun experience. They were really cooperative and easy to work with and looked great on camera. Working with animals is often times a pretty challenging experience, but all of the dog shots for this shoot went very smoothly and without a hitch. A lot of the credit for that goes to Don Tayenaka, our on set animal wrangler.

One new tool we used frequently for lighting in this shoot was Lightgear’s Litmat 4. These LED mats were really great tools to work with. They give a huge output of light and are very light and easy to place in small spaces like a bathroom. We used these lights as the main key in a lot of our shots. One in particular that it worked extremely well for was the opening bathtub shot from the women’s spot. We were able to place a Litemat 4 securely over the bathtub easily because of it’s light weight, and the quality of light that it produced was remarkable.

For our product shots we used a sheet of plexiglass on top of black duvetyne to create a dark reflective surface. Then we added a light mist of water to give the product a crisp just used look.

When the shoot was finished we had some great footage and had managed to finish everything on schedule and get a few extra shots as well. The end result were two really funny, stylish pieces that helped bring a new look and feel to the 800Razors brand.

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