A successful crowdfunding campaign should integrate a combination of strategic elements that are anchored by a great idea and buoyed by a strong marketing campaign. For example, research shows that crowdfunding campaigns with a video introduction are more likely to meet or exceed their target funding goals.

Recent crowdfunding success stats show that crowdfunding campaigns with personal videos raised 105% more than campaigns with no video component.

Sparkhouse has led the way to victory for many of our clients through crowdfunding on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Our videos have been featured on websites for ABC News, Uncrate, Wired, Fast Company and more. In total, our crowdfunding campaigns have helped our clients raise nearly one million dollars.

Creating dynamic online videos for over a decade, the Orange County video production team at Sparkhouse has the experience you need to kick off a successful and popular crowdfunding campaign. You get to reap the benefit of all the new things we have learned about the Internet, online marketing and crowdfunding to design a video that tells a fascinating story, features your product and compels viewers to back your campaigns.

With our entrepreneurial mindset, we understand the need for budget conservation — especially when it comes to crowdfunding campaigns. That’s why many of our videos are created to be versatile — so that once the campaigns are funded, the custom videos can continue to be used as standard online video marketing tools, saving our clients the time and money involved with creating a completely new campaign.

To talk about your crowdfunding campaign and get a quote for a powerful crowdfunding video, please contact the Orange County production team at Sparkhouse.

Sparkhouse Crowdfunding Videos

Sparkhouse has helped many crowdfunding campaigns reach and even surpass their funding goals. Below is a quick look at the different videos we’ve produced that have helped founders find amazing success on their crowdfunding campaigns.

Reolink Argus – $1 Million Crowdfunded!

By partnering with CrowdCreate, an agency that helps companies with crowdfunding, Reolink was able to bring in over one million dollars in only 45 days. In just one day’s time, we were able to create two different videos as well as product photography that Reolink can reuse repeatedly. Even with this budget friendly approach, the Argus campaign was one of the most successful with 6,219 backers.

Reolink was started in 2009 and is a company that is devoted to creating wireless security cameras for both families and business owners. Their first product created was called the Reolink Argus which was meant to be a security system that came at an affordable price. To launch this innovative product, Reolink turned to us to help bring awareness and funding to hit the ground running.

For an in depth look at the entire project that Sparkhouse completed with Reolink, you can take a look at Reolink case study.

EvaDrop – The World’s First Smart Shower

We partnered up with Down the Street Designs to create an animation crowdfunding video for their website that helps users better visualize how EvaDrop works. A commercial was also made that features someone presenting a walkthrough of how to use the product in junction with the app so that consumers get a full understanding of its usage and benefits. The app commercial helps to create a fun user experience that is also easy to understand.

EvaDrop is a smart shower device that helps save up to 50% of your water. It functions using a sensor that can tell where you are located in your shower, and adjusts water pressure accordingly. Sparkhouse created a commercial and app hybrid to perfectly advertise this product.

Kite Patch – Surpassed Goal by Over 700%

In only four days of launching the marketing campaign, the Kite Patch had raised $75,000 and was completely funded. After the campaign had ended, Kite Patch raised over $550,000 from 11,254 supporters, surpassing their goal by over 700%.

Kite is a small patch that sticks to clothing and helps users go undetected from mosquitos for up to 48 hours. Our team created success of this product by doing it’s naming, branding, product design, video marketing, and Indiegogo crowdfunding. Sparkhouse also teamed up with Ephex to create a website and online presence of the Kite Patch.

For a closer look at our Kite campaign, you can find more information at our Kite Patch dedicated page.

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