You’re not just selling a product or service, you’re asking your target audience to buy into the lifestyle that comes with it. A form of customer relationship marketing, lifestyle marketing attempts to engage your potential customers by showing them how others are benefitting from your company’s offerings — which gets the viewer to picture himself in the scenario and helps begin building an emotional attachment to your brand through the human connection.

A direct and effective way to employ lifestyle marketing is through a lifestyle feature video, created from the concept of a very engaging customer testimonial. We know that most online viewers are not interested in seeing forced product videos or testimonials, so instead we go to where the customers are and create branded content that they WANT to watch.

Sparkhouse’s innovative lifestyle features showcase REAL customers from the company’s REAL demographics, not paid actors that kill your credibility. By focusing more on the customer and their unique story, we engage viewers in a sincere and relatable way and capture their complete attention. Combine this with some creative inserts of the company, business or product, and you’re left with an authentic piece of marketing media. Maximize your reach of the genuine lifestyle feature with strategic positioning on your website, YouTube and other search engines, social media and email marketing. Send it along with your corporate video [internal link] when introducing yourself to potential clients and promote it on industry forums and other online outlets.

To talk about creating your company’s lifestyle feature video and the marketing potential of custom video production, contact the Southern California video team at Sparkhouse.

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