Training Video Production

A strong library of training videos can make or break a successful hiring process. Well executed training videos can be bring the needed energy and excitement to influence the success of a new company initiative. Effective training videos can cut down on the costs of technical and skill development.

Training videos can also be a huge time waste for both management and employees if not executed well. Viewers today don’t want to watch something for over a couple minutes if a video doesn’t pike their interest. Lots of time can be wasted for a company if they don’t have the experience or know how of creating a strong video.

Training videos are easier to make and produce today than ever before.

However this doesn’t meant that the training videos you make will be effective. Many training videos are created in earnest, however few are consistently viewed and even fewer achieve the intended purpose and goal.

Training Videos by Sparkhouse

Sparkhouse has created a wide portfolio of videos that include TV commercials, facebook video ads and training videos. We have built training videos for large Fortune 500 companies and for small businesses looking to train their staff and customers.

Our team is able to help ensure that the training videos you make will provide lasting value for the company.

When working with our video production staff you will get to work alongside the producer on scripting, storyboarding and the final production of your video. Clients aren’t left on their own for these projects, our team is ready and excited to use their experience and expertise to accomplish what you’re hoping for.

That means you can discuss goals, step by step execution with your producer and they will make sure the production team accomplishes exactly what you are hoping for.

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Types of Training Videos

Not all training videos are the same. This is actually where lots of brands and companies go wrong with their training videos. Different styles of training videos can be created and each has their own purpose and context.

Below are some examples of training videos that we’ve created:

Training Videos for Employees:

This is the typical, standard training video that most people are familiar with. Employee training videos can be used to teach entire companies and departments about new initiatives or systems that will be implemented. These training videos can also be developed for new hires that will both onboard and excite new hires.


We can cater these training videos specifically to a department or go top level and create these to be larger in scope.

Training Videos on Leadership

An often overlooked style of training video are those for leadership. For those executives or managers that you want to develop into the company’s next leaders, training videos are a great scalable resource. These training videos on leadership can feature top leaders of the company, outside influencers and allow viewers to be in different locations.

Training Videos for Customer Service

A common video we create are training videos specifically for customer service. Many companies work with Sparkhouse to create on brand training videos for their customer service agents to better understand how to deal with different customer situations.


These videos have helped many companies improve their customer experience and better empower their customer service staff to provide a better time for the customer and themselves.

How to Make a Training Video with Sparkhouse

The best way to get started with making a training video is to get in contact with our team early. Our team can help you understand the goals and specifications necessary to guide the creative and messaging of the video.


Just bring your idea and our team will take care of the journey and production of the masterpiece.


Our best advice is to fill out our project intro. It will give us the most in depth understanding of what your looking to do with your video.

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