Want to a way to truly connect with your online audience? A Sparkhouse custom-produced website video can help you build awareness and strengthen the customer relationships that are essential for success. Videos shared on websites are almost standard practice today, and research suggests that 80% of online visitors will watch a video vs. only 20% who will read all of your written content.

Interested in growing your B2B sales? A recent Forbes poll showed that 75% of executives view work-related videos on other company websites a minimum of once a week. Without a website video, you’re ignoring this huge piece of the pie — professionals and decision-makers who could become your next big fish.

Since blogs with video reportedly win three times the inbound links as those without, you might want to consider adding a video blog to keep visitors engaged on your website.

Let the experienced, highly creative Sparkhouse video production team design state-of-the-art video for your website and wait for your analytics to show dramatic increases in the time visitors spend on your site — and, ultimately, more conversions. Use Sparkhouse’s expert production skills to share information with other professionals, create a corporate video, highlight specific product characteristics and announce upcoming projects and promotions. Feature customer testimonials or product videos for your e-commerce store, or attach a video to your introductory emails to potentially double your click-throughs.

Once your videos are ready to go, use strategies like optimizing your videos for easy viewing on mobile devices and sharing across social media to reach as many potential clients or customers as possible.

Want to hear our ideas for your next website video? Contact Sparkhouse today to talk about using this medium to improve your reach, boost your brand image and increase sales.

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