Sparkhouse is an Orange County-based video marketing, advertising, and video production company, fusing expertise in the art of filmmaking with an intuitive grasp of the digital world. The company tailors branded films and commercials with bold storytelling, cinematic production value, and exciting innovation. Read on to see why we’re the best of all the Orange County video production companies!

Strategy focused video marketing

Videos produced by the Sparkhouse video production team are made to accomplish business and marketing goals. Companies come to work with Sparkhouse because we understand that video production is a vehicle to accomplishing marketing goals and furthering the growth of a company. Driven by a production team with years of experience, you can be sure that the video you will receive will be one produce results aligned with company goals.



Video Production Services

Sparkhouse’s Video Production Demo Reel

Sparkhouse’s portfolio of clients is a wide ranging list of Fortune 500 companies to gritty startups and small business owners. The advantage that comes with working with the Sparkhouse production team is that we are not pigeon holed into any niche or vertical. The team for Sparkhouse is flexible and versatile, boasting talent that has worked in a large variety of industries.







Video Production Thought Leadership

Sparkhouse is also a prominent thought leader in the video production space. CEO and founder, Torrey Tayenaka is a frequent contributor for video marketing, video production and other business publications. Sparkhouse and Torrey consistently put out content to help guide and educate other businesses and agencies in navigating the road of producing an effective video marketing campaign.

His writing can be found on sites like Entrepreneur Magazine, Business 2 Community and Single Grain.

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Top Reviewed Video Production in Orange County

At Sparkhouse, client communication and trust is what has made Sparkhouse so successful over the years. It’s what we hang our hat on. The best videos and commercials can only come with clear communication, challenging questions and effective collaboration. When talking to our clients, you will repeatedly hear superior communication and effective results mentioned.

This isn’t by accident. Our team of producers, filmmakers and directors work closely with clients to achieve the best video for their marketing goals. A part of that is not blindly following script or the requests of clients, but challenging them. After years and years of experience, the production team at Sparkhouse has amassed a pedigree of production success that helps challenge clients to make the video they need.

The best testament to this is looking through our reviews, we encourage you to read through and see for yourself: