Videographer Team

The video production team at Sparkhouse consists of a number of skilled and experienced videographers who have helped produce national tv spots, ultra successful crowdfunding campaigns and engaging social media video campaigns.

Sparkhouse is a videographer agency that combines video production and strategic marketing company. The core business is to create commercials for brands like tv commercials, online videos and animations. Our videographers are not niched into anyone industry, our team creates videos for all different platforms the whole gamut of industries and brands. Our ability to do this is powered by our videographer’s team and ability with graphics, music, editing and lighting.

Each of the videos are customized perfectly to fit the style goals of the brands we work with and represent.

Videographer Team

Our team is complete with a full roster of videographers and producers. Meet each one below!

Torrey Tayenaka

CEO / Founder

Paul Marin


Maximilien Chaix

Account Manager

Sruthi Alagappan

Project Manager

Keaton Applebaum


Austin Berndt


Camille Bautista

Virtual Assistant

Jay October Mabunga

Virtual Assistant

2022 Sparkhouse Demo Reel

The Sparkhouse videographers have created hundreds of videos and feature decades of experience. Rather than have you watch through every single video we’ve ever made, we’ve created a demo reel that will give you the best picture of our video production and video marketing capabilities.

Real Feedback from our Clients

“Despite videographers and photographers’ dispersion across the 4 locations, Sparkhouse gave enough guidance to produce cohesive videos. The team was proactive in communicating and adaptable when the videos’ subjects changed their schedules. The team will be considered for next year’s campaign.” – CyberPowerPC

“Sparkhouse offers a talented team of creative professionals. In addition to being very timely and proactive in their approach, they’re also easy to communicate with and provide invaluable input on how to improve web design, features, and functionality.” – Gehr Industries

“The final product recently launched and is already rousing excitement. Sparkhouse listened to the creative vision and reduced the anticipated rounds of revisions by half. They worked within a very short timeline and made the process easy.” – Partner Digital Marketing Agency

Working with Sparkhouse Videographers

Sparkhouse is well known among industries and partner agencies for its flexibility and expertise when producing a video. Our videographer team understand that when creating a video there are many parties and players to coordinate. These include client goals, talent and the production team. By keeping everyone on the same page and conscious of the business goals of the video, will create a process and final product that makes everyone happy.

Video Concepts

Here is where the producers and directors will meet with the client in order to set the expectations and establish deliverables for the project. By getting an understanding of business goals, establishing a video budget and finally creating a video concept, this is where the foundation of all the video production will lay. With clear communication, goal setting and planning, this will help create a smooth experience that will ultimately lead to an amazing video.


Pre-production is where all the fun begins. The planning and prepping of the video takes place here. Scripts get written, shot lists are created and actors are casted. Even wardrobes are determined at this point. This is where it gets exciting for all clients as they get a little taste of Hollywood by being apart of the process. Finally a location will be set and video shoots will be scheduled.

Production Day

Production day is where the lights come on! Videographers will come together and burst into action. All players come together on site that day for the shoot and the team begins to start collecting shots of all that was planned. This is where having the directors, producers and videographers on site will work together with the camera crew and the actors to make final tweaks on site to capture just the perfect video!

Post Production

Once all the shots are taken, this is where the editing shines. The team will trim, cut and put together a “story cut” for the client and team to review to determine if the final product is going as planned. After review, last edits and tweaks are made to finally put together a “final cut” and delivered to clients. From here is where videos are now ready for the world to see!

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