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How it works.

Ok, you landed on our website, you are obviously blown away by our awesome videos, impressive clients and amazing roster of talent right!? What is the next step so that you can join this team, you ask? A simple email will do. Drop us an email at info@kylesucks.com. The first thing we need to do is learn about you, your company, and your goals, so tell us. You are interested in video production, but what are your objectives? Do you want to get more eyeballs on your product? Explain a confusing aspect of your brand? Launch a new product? Or do you need to re-engage with your current customer base? Tell us what you are wanting to do, and we will let you know right away if video is a good fit.

Next is the dreaded money question…. What does a commercial cost?…… That is like asking what a house costs. We have all seen the multi million dollar loft apartments in NY as well as the eight bedroom houses in the country that cost one-tenth the price. Video is the same way, so the easiest way to get a proposal from us is to let us know your goals, your brand, and your BUDGET. Don’t worry, we will let you know if you’re crazy.

After we have your goal and your budget, we work on strategy. We need to create a video that will accomplish your company’s goal. This might be a product video, website video, how-to video, TV commercial, or something completely different like an integrated video campaign in Time Square! Once we have the strategy approved by your team, we will begin to work on our concepts.

Depending on your brand, we have a team of writers and directors who can take a stab at concepts and creatives. These may be as simple as a single paragraph idea or as elaborate as a five page storyboard, whatever it takes to get the idea expressed. Again, we work with your team to choose the best concept that fits your brand, customers, and goals. Once the concept is chosen, we move into pre-production!

In pre-production, there are a lot of things that happen all at the same time. Our team will jump into action looking for locations, actors, props, wardrobe and anything else to make your commercial or video a success.

Locations: Our team has contacts all over the US from filming we have done up and down the California coast, New York, Florida, etc., but often we film your commercial in your own office, home or free location. No matter what the location is, our team preps the location, scouts it, and gathers any required permits so that we can produce our spot.

Actors: Casting can be a very fun process. The first step is usually to have our director write a description of what type of characters we are looking for. Then, we tap into our online casting resources that allow us to view over 10,000 potential local actors interested in being in your video. We share the headshots of our favorites with your team, and you choose who we should invite to an in person casting call to decide who fits the roll best. Your team can attend casting, or we can provide video highlights of the best candidates. Depending on the roles, we may have second or third call backs before we choose the best actors.

Production: This is where we stand out. We focus on two major aspects of production, gear and talent, and we have both. We are proud that we invested into all of our own production gear including RED Epic Dragon Cameras, full production lighting, and grip as well as audio and our very own production van! We can shoot an entire commercial without renting a single piece of equipment. This means we can move quickly, shoot on a budget, and save you money.

Talent is the other key part of production. We’ve spent the last ten years building our team, so our producers have access to some of the best directors, DPs, production designers and more to make sure your commercial has the highest quality creative.
When it comes to our actual production days, we encourage our clients and partners to be as hands on or hands off as they prefer. We often have our clients on set with us hanging out and collaborating with our directors, but we also are completely comfortable running the production while you are back at your office focusing on your own work, just like our clients in Taiwan who we have never even met in person!

While on set, we handle everything. We have the location permits, actor releases, props, wardrobe, hair and makeup, and we even take care of all the catering and coffee to keep the team running strong! We have been doing this for years and we love it. Don’t be surprised if our standard shoot days last over 10 hours!

Post-Production: We cover the entire post-production process in our OC offices. Starting with a post creative meeting our editor meets with our director to get the lowdown on how the shoot went and if anything changed from the original concept. While working with our editor, you will be able to review rough drafts, music choices, VO talent, and everything else in your video via an online portal that can be accessed on the go from any computer, tablet or mobile phone. We even have a software that allows our clients to make notes directly on the video itself, so that our team can quickly adjust and make changes without any confusion.

After we lock your edits, we have graphics, 3D animations, and custom music scoring all in house and then send the video to final color correction and audio mastering. We have you review after each rounds, until you love every minute of it!

To make sure our videos are as successful as possible, we assist with exporting and digital delivery to whatever your planned distribution is. We can help optimize files, keywords, and SEO for youtube, websites, youtube, etc.

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