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What is an eLearning Video?

In the age of social distancing and remote schooling, video power has emerged as a primary communication medium for a broad range of eLearning uses and applications. The global pandemic that forced us all to keep our distance has shown how effective eLearning video production can be as an alternative to in-person gathering and learning.

Some facts that show just how powerful video is to the way we live in the digital age are:

  • 20 million videos are uploaded to Facebook every month
  • There are so many videos passing through IP networks throughout the world that it would take more than five million years to watch them all
  • 80% of people have watched videos online in the past month

What is the Impact of eLearning Videos?

Even before the onset of the Coronavirus forced people all over the world to adjust and adapt to new communication strategies, eLearning videos were used to educate and inform remotely for a variety of educational and business applications.

A 2019 survey found that 90% of K-12 public school teachers in the United States found digital learning tools useful and eLearning enabled high school students to learn five times more material for every hour of training videos compared to in-person learning. This trend was projected to continue with eLearning videos becoming more available and accepted, and then the pandemic served to speed up the progress of electronic learning systems at an astounding rate.

Use of eLearning Videos During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In some ways, schools, businesses, and government institutions had no choice but to turn to eLearning videos when COVID-19 hit early in 2020. Social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders early in the pandemic forced people to learn, work, and conduct business from home. That meant electronic learning videos jumped to being a high priority for a wide range of applications. It is expected that eLearning videos will continue to play an important role in education well after it is safe to gather in groups again.

Benefits of Electronic Learning Video Content

Electronic learning videos are an effective alternative to in-person education needs and has shown to provide a range of benefits for all involved parties, including:

  • Convenient and accessible
  • Saves time and money
  • Customizable learning environment
  • Eco-friendly
  • Analytics define, guide learning plans

eLearning Videos Expected to Survive Coronavirus

Though more widely accepted now than ever, eLearning was once thought of as a radical departure from traditional learning from those resistant to the technology. In these unprecedented times, electronic learning is an important and necessary element to maintaining academic progress and growth while abiding by the latest social distancing mandates.

It turns out that productivity and progress are not impeded by eLearning videos, which are at least or better at delivering educational materials and coursework. eLearning and streaming technology will continue to improve well beyond current pandemic conditions. Making pro and DIY videos remotely for training videos and eLearning purposes are here to stay. Schools and businesses around the world will use the power of the communication medium for a variety of applications for many years to come.

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