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It is no secret TikTok, a fast-growing, bite-sized video app, is still rising. Going by the recent projections, the app’s popularity shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, and marketers are taking notes. Are you taking notes?

Given this, and the fact that TikTok clearly understands its power when it comes to brand recognition — It has the potential to be a key social platform for businesses looking to reach young audiences over the holiday season.

Stats currently reveal that about 50% of TikTok users are Gen Z, millennials follow at 34%. However, as TikTok grows in popularity, the number of adults in the States using the app is also ballooning. Going by these figures, it is evident having your spot in the TikTok ecosphere would be a brilliant idea not only this holiday season but in the future.  What are you doing to tap into TikTok video marketing this holiday season?

At The SparkHouse, we have prepared this guide to TikTok to help you promote customer loyalty, grow your brand awareness, and boost sales this holiday season. Read on to learn more!

Work on your mobile shopping experience

Unless you live under a rock, by now, you clearly understand the importance of providing a seamless mobile shopping experience. TikTok is a mobile app like any other app out there. That means your prospects are going to navigate through it and onto your site via their smartphones and DIY videos remotely. 

If your mobile experience is seamless and user-friendly, it will undoubtedly be easier to attract more customers and eventually lure them into becoming loyal and paying customers. Testing your mobile experience often is one of the sure ways of ensuring at any given moment — you are providing a mobile experience that will benefit your business.

Promote on the right day

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are some of the biggest shopping days of the season to promote your business. These are special days you can leverage to take your brand to another level. TikTok’s Holiday Toolkit for SMBs, launched in partnership with AdAge, is one of the tools you can use to rapidly expand your audience.

Just don’t forget there are other days of the season to tap into. Any other day besides Cyber Monday and Black Friday are equally essential and worth leveraging. For example, you can offer discounts and other gifts on these additional days.

Align your TikTok marketing efforts with different goals

Any successful marketing campaign has a clear goal, defined from the start. It will be challenging to get the most out of TikTok if you don’t have clear goals from the start. Like any other marketing strategy where it is crucial to define the goal, you also need to define your goals in TikTok marketing. No cutting corners if you are really looking to see the desired results.

If you really understand how TikTok works and your marketing goals are straightforward, nothing will stop you from connecting with the right consumers this season.

Unsaturated market

TikTok is still relatively new compared to other video platforms. That means it is yet to be flooded by video marketing messages. Given this, it is seamless for any brand to have its branded content seen on this platform.

With still less competition for user attention as we head to the holiday season, your brand has the potential to generate more views by simply posting the right content. We can help in that if you have any challenges creating videos suitable for prospects.

Wrap up

TikTok is here to stay, and the sooner you get the most out of it, the better. If you are contemplating giving it a shot in your seasonal marketing push, we recommend checking it out. Any form of help you need to create high-quality social media videos for your TikTok campaigns over the holidays — we are ready to help. Contact us today to learn more about how our experts can support your business.

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