X-Rangers Campaign Builds an Audience with Gamers

With 100,000 views in a week the X-Rangers Defenders of Gaming video campaign is a success! To launch XFX’s new 7000 series graphics cards we created a spoof of the famous Power Rangers TV Show – Each of our rangers have powers representative of the new card’s features including Double Dissipation, Overclocking, Direct 11, GCN Architecture, PCI Express 3, Eyefinity, and Stereo 3D. Our rangers use these powers along with the AMD Radeon HD 7970 to defeat the horrible Invisious and Intelector villains.

This video campaign was also used to unveil XFX’s new product branding of proprietary XFX technology XFACTOR, XPERIENCE, XPERTISE, XFORMANCE, XCELERATE.

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