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Zyliss Control Knives Case Study

At Sparkhouse, we pride ourselves on creating videos with bold storytelling, cinematic production value, and exciting innovation. Recently, we partnered with Zyliss on a video marketing campaign for their new line of Zyliss Control knives.

Getting to Know the Client: Zyliss

All our projects begin and end with the client. Because we don’t confine ourselves to just one industry, we can tailor our approach and our design to make it work perfectly for each client. We spend a lot of time at the beginning of each project getting to know the client and what drives their business.

Zyliss develops all their kitchen tools with the “design to delight” principle. They believe all Zyliss products should not only do a brilliant job, simply and efficiently, but also make their customers smile every time they use them. They sum up their philosophy in two words: Happy Cooking. Zyliss wanted to create a training video that shows off the three key features of the knives: comfort, control and cleanliness. They wanted something light-hearted to showcase their humorous side while clearly communicating that Zyliss Control knives are serious in the kitchen and have all the features a home cook values. We created three final pieces for Zyliss: a product video, a Facebook ad, and a series of product photography shots.

The Product Video

In today’s online environment, it’s important to show customers what your product does, rather than simply offering a traditional one-dimensional sales pitch. Our online product videos allow companies to do just that and were a great fit for Zyliss Control. With Zyliss, we wanted to create a product video that would introduce the new knives, showcase their innovative features and design, and demonstrate their benefits. Our goal was to create a product video that Zyliss could share on its site, on cooking forums, in e-newsletters, and via video blogging. With an effective product video, they could reach countless new customers and create a buzz around their new product line. We know from experience that product videos have to be engaging from the start. Research firm Visible Measures says that 20% of your viewers will click away from a video in 10 seconds or less, and that 1/3 of your viewers will disappear 30 seconds in.

Fortunately, our experienced Orange County video production team has no problem creating intriguing imagery and content that makes viewers want to hear more. For Zyliss Control, we accomplished this by creating a concept that picked fun at the over engineered and over priced competitors attitude, while connecting the key features to actual consumers’ needs and wants. The finished product video captures the viewer’s attention and uses humor to educate.

Zyliss Control – Something for Everyone from SPARKHOUSE 

The Facebook Video

We were built with an online mindset, and we have experience with the advantages (and pitfalls) of online video marketing. We knew we could help Zyliss take advantage of the free audience the web constantly supplies. Think about the last video you shared on Facebook. It probably wasn’t a boring commercial or a dry demonstration; it was an entertaining and informative piece of video content that felt worthy of your time. We were excited to bring our story-telling, design and editing techniques to the Zyliss Control and create a 15 second online video that’s effective with a digital online audience. For the final online video ad, we used the same concept as the product video but from a different angle. This allowed us to grab the viewer’s attention in a shorter time frame and drive the viewer to want to follow up and learn more. Now Zyliss has a funny, engaging video they can tweet, email, post on Facebook, and share on their web site.

Zyliss Control – 15 Sec FB Ad from SPARKHOUSE

The Product Photography

Sometimes people forget that Sparkhouse does more than video; we also do product, lifestyle, and production photography. A well-shot (and professionally edited) photo series works hand-in-hand with videos to engage and educate online customers. For Zyliss, we shot a series of product photos that showcased their knives and had the same sunny home kitchen look and feel of the videos. This created a cohesive marketing campaign that extended their reach and helped convert viewers into customers. We were excited to work with Zyliss, and they were thrilled with the results. If you’d like to see what we can do for your business, we’d love to talk!

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