Age: 31

Education: University of North Florida

Home Town: Jacksonville, FL

Hobbies: I enjoy creating films even when I’m not on the job. From little commemorative montages for friends to promo videos for bands, musicians, or artists, it’s all fun to me. I have a deep appreciation for music. As well as attending various shows ranging from punk, rockabilly, inde, hip hop, electro, funk, to soul. I also wrote songs and performed with electro/funk band, Cosmodelion, though not as much any more.

Favorite movie: Old Boy – Chan-wook Park

Favorite director: Takashi Miike

Why are you passionate about your job at Sparkhouse?
Making films is what I love. I enjoy every aspect about film-making and the impact it can have on the viewer. Finding that perfect shot, coupled with audio and/or dialogue can be very powerful indeed and I am learning very much about translating that into marketing here at Sparkhouse.


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