RESSAC Climate Control Website Brand Video Case Study

RESSAC Climate Control – CASE STUDY

Video. Photography. Website.


When RESSAC Climate Control asked us to create a brand video for them we knew there was an opportunity for something special. Founded in 1929, this company has been passed down for generations and is currently lead by Nick Rohan CEO. RESSAC specializes in maintenance, installation and servicing of commercial HVAC systems in California. They’ve earned trust up and down the Gold Coast, and now they looked to gain attention from potential customers nationwide.

Our team hit the ground running with research into the history of the company, industry and competition. We developed a concept for a brand video that would live on the company website homepage. The goal of the video was to explain their company, services and history using their team to act as narrators in a parallel of the family run structure of RESSAC.

Conversational, interview style setups captured the narration we needed from team members and illustrated the deep story of the brand, services and offerings provided in a way that felt grounded and family centered.

Interviews with the family and B-roll of installations and repairs were scheduled across just 2 days to efficiently utilize the budget. B-roll was shot at a local RESSAC customer location as well as within their own Los Angeles building. Everyone who appeared in the video were actual employees and customers. This meant no cost for actors, no extra pre-production costs and no valuable time spent casting or hiring talent to appear on-screen.

“Sparkhouse did a great job with my brand video. The team was professional, efficient, and communicated well throughout the process. The final product was more than I expected and I think the price was very reasonable for the work we received.”
Nick Rohan CEO – RESSAC

Again conserving budget, Sparkhouse also provided full photography services during the video production of the shoot. Since we already had the “actors” in costume and working on designed scenes, props, etc. we were able to add photography services to the video marketing services package without dramatically increasing the budget. All of these photos are currently being featured as visuals all over their website, facebook and other social media outlets. (website created by


The video tells the story of an awesome company offering quality services at an affordable price in an exciting and entertaining way. It’s a pop-up on the RESSAC website and was recut for HTML autoplay background video features on their home screen. What’s more, the stills we took can be seen all over what is now a much more visually appealing website.

Overall with RESSAC’s website relaunch, the new brand video, photography and background footage, they have the content needed to present themselves a top level brand for years to come.

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