Television commercials have been around since the beginning of the traditional marketing world. TV ad strategy involves an intentional message that either directly or indirectly benefits your bottom line. The process to honing down your message and packaging it in the most visually stimulating and memorable way is something Sparkhouse has perfected over the years.

Sparkhouse founder Torrey Tayenaka was trained at the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California learning from the best in the business, and he brought his creative talent down to Orange County for our clients. With our budget-friendly mindset, Sparkhouse has created high quality TV ads for notorious brands like USAA, NFL, GM and Capital One. Whether you are looking for a national spot with star NFL players or a locally-run commercial with a smaller budget, Sparkhouse has the experience and resources to execute your production with precision.

Research from the CMO Council found that 79% of teenagers prefer to watch their favorite TV content on home television sets, and 60% percent of Millennials want a consistent brand experience whether they interact in-store, online or over the phone.

Tools like age-based segmenting and cross-promotion across social media and online outlets improve the reach of your and profitability of your TV commercial and serve to build brand awareness, one viewer at a time. With a digital crossover strategy in mind, many of Sparkhouse’s TV commercials are packaged with a series of online videos and digital content that allows the story and message to live on multiple mediums and be delivered through many different platforms.

To discuss the role TV commercials can play in your overall marketing and advertising strategy, contact the Orange County video production crew at Sparkhouse today.

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